Tiny bezel job

Annette, I admit I’m more of a fabricator than a caster, but the
settings you described sound like someone used sections of tubing
(weather prefab or handmade) and soldered it to the base of the
workpiece and cut thier own seat in the top for the stone. I guess
you could attatch wax wire to your wax piece and drill it, but it
would have to be pretty hard wax, harder than I’ve seen wax wire (
I’ve only seen it in soft wax), and the chances of drilling a
straight hole would be pretty slim, anyway! I don’t know what you
are trying to make, but it seems to me it would be easier to drill
holes and attatch tubing to your workpiece after it is cast. Make
sure you have a “press fit” before you solder. If you don’t have
experience setting the little stones, I STRONGLY recommend picking
up a copy of one of Blaine Lewis’s flush setting videos to teach you
how to cut the seats. Good Luck!

Wendy Newman
Moab, Ut