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Tiny Angle Gold or Silver Material

Can anyone help me find a supplier of angle gold or silver? I’m
looking to manufacture a cage that would support several rough cubic
diamond crystals. I’d like to try to find material that is 1 to 2
mm on a side and 24 ga. One method I could try is to purchase some
gold bezel and bend it 90 degrees in a minature brake. If I have to
form the angle myself I would need to find a minature brake as well.

I got a miniature brake from Micromark a couple of years ago. Don’t
use it often, but it is fairly effective. They are a hobby supply
house, mostly model railroad and the like. Jim

A square draw plate, square brass or copper core wire and two
strips of plate. Or a square wire rolling mill also using a backing
core. A little experimentation required but probably less aggravation
than a using a break. While breaks are neat tools I would not
recommended one for such narrow angle shapes.

Jeff Demand
Demand Designs
Analog/Digital Modeling & Goldsmithing

I’m not sure that I fully understand what it is that you’re
attempting, but Hoover & Strong is a good source for square tubing
which you might be able to adapt for your purposes. Kevin