Tim McCreight's Practical Joining Book

New Tim McCreight book:
Practical Joining, $18.95

112 pages

Anybody have it?

Want to make sure it is not just a rehash of the joining section of
his “Complete Metalsmith” book before I buy it.


Check your local library for a copy. Mine has a surprisingly large
collection of metalsmithing books. And what they don’t have they
pull in for me from other libraries. Has saved me more than a few

Tim McCreight’s Book Practical Joining does cover the same material
but it is in no way a rehash. Mr. McCreight has elaborated on the
subject adding so much more usable theory and contemporary
applications for joining metals.

Many of the questions on torches and soldering being asked on this
forum are addressed in the Hot Connections section of the book.

The hidden spiral binding allows the book to lay flat when using it
at the bench.

It’s a great book, look for my official review in our Nov. 2007

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I reviewed this for Jewelry Arts and Lapidary Journal (current
issue). Good book, great for bench manual, certainly no re-hashing
here…oh well, read the review.

Linda Kaye-Moses