Tijmen Sarneel - Jewelry Gallery

Zevenaar, Netherlands

Helle, my name is Tijmen Sarneel, I am a young Goldsmith from the Netherlands, specialised in the old gorgeous technique called; Mokumé-Gane.

Materials: 18K Gold, 925 Silver, Shakudo, Padparasha Sapphire(princess cut)

Mirror image Silver-Shakudo mokumé-gane with on the sides and in the middle 18K Yellow gold linings. Rail-set Padparascha Sapphires, princess cut.

Photo credit: Tijmen Sarneel

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Wedding Rings Mokume Gane

Materials: 20 Karat Gold, 14 Karat Gold, all colors possible. Silver, Palladium, Shakudo

Wedding rings in the mokumé gane technique by Tijmen Sarneel. Almost al alloys are possible.

Photo credit: Tijmen Sarneel

Necklace Mokume Gane

Materials: Shakudo, 925 Silver, Mokumé Gane 18 Karat Gold, Shakudo

Necklace of hollow discs of shakudo and silver at the bottom. With one big Mokumé disc in the centre.

Photo credit: Tijmen Sarneel