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[Tiddbits] Monkey See. Monkey Buckle

The year: 771 BC. King You dies. He’s the last king of Western
Dynasty of Zhou. In essence… Zhou lost You. And then the Eastern
Dynasty of Zhou is formed. So. when Zhou lost You there arose a new
Zhou. And who was the ruler of this new Zhou? Yup. It was Xuan Jiu.
son of You. So. to recap. Western Dynasty loses You and creates a new
Zhou now ruled by Jiu son of You. Where the hell are Abbott and
Costello when we need them? Who’s on First is nothing compared to
Who’s ruling Zhou? Could it be You? As an aside this new dynasty
moved to Luoyi which I choose to pronounce as Lou. Who knew?

And the battle for hegemony began by many nations. And there was
prosperity and scientific advancement and growing culture. It was the
time of Spring and Autumn Annals as written by Confucius. There was
turbulence and change. The luxury of the courts predominated. Fashion
in clothing and jewelry sprouted with majestic flourishes.
Accessories were imaginative. Hey. That monkey looks like you. Who?
You. Not Jiu? Nah. Just some bloody ape.

And a Belt Buckle came into being. It was gilded and silver-plated
bronze. It was inlaid with turquoise. It was one of many. There were
tigers and dragons and phoenixes galore. There were flowers and
leaves and an abundance of intricate patterns. But I am not able to
show them all. So I had to pick one. One which–to me–looks a bit
like a Gibbon.

But out of this era of ultra fine jewelery creativity which began
with Zhou and You and Jiu. there arose great schools of thought.
There was Confucianism and Taoism and Mohism and Legalism. There may
have been more. I have no clue. I know this is one I’m going to rue.
Thanks to the fates there were not trees else there would have been
Oaks, and Maples, and even an occasional Yew. Or a bijou. For a
caribou. On the bayou. All for a cent and a sou. Oh lord. I can not
stop myself. Heeelllppp!

I think I better stop. Blame it on the Turkey. Too much Tryptophan
perhaps. Making me groggy. It’s not me. It’s Thanksgiving. It’s the
holidays. It’s the old gobbler foisting his amino acids to my brain.
Next week there well be no me. and not even a you. It’ll be just us.
But I’ll be there. Heh heh. Will You. or Jiu. or Yew?

So who wants to see the Monkey Buckle? Hmmm? Could it be. thee? Go.
Go. You know where. Home page. Scroll
down. Left side. Tidbits. The old wizard. Click.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

How delightful! I always enjoy “Tidbits” and this one, perhaps aided
by tryptophan or the craziness that can come from a holiday family
gathering, regardless, just had me giggling through (nearly) every

Thanks for the fun Monkey!

(Born the Year of The Monkey and I call my shop MonkeyBird Studio)