[Tidbits] Witness

We’re at the beginning of time. Eden. Two people. Adam. Eve. And a
snake. And an apple tree. And another creature. A Witness. A single
sole solitary Witness who saw the whole dastardly deed. A
Witness–in fact–with a rat’s tail.

You all know most of the story. They’re strolling about. Smiling.
Breathing in the good clean air. Nibbling on this. Nibbling on that.
Enjoying the bounty when she wanders off on her own and suddenly…
from out of a tree… pssst! Hey. Yeah you. Evie baby. Taste this.
It’s delicious.

Oh no no. She is taken aback. Not that. I can’t. It’s forbidden.
Nah. C’mon kid. It’s good. It’s juicy. It’ll keep the doctor away.
And it’ll make you smart.

I digress here for a scant moment with a query. We say we want
beauty. And wealth. And power. But I say what we all want more than
anything else is an extra dose of smarts. Here… these vitamins
will increase your brain power. Take a test… see how high your I.Q.
is. After the tumble in the hay… you look at each other… and
hope there’s a common ground for communication. What we all want in
our partners is brains. It’s the single common theme agreed upon by
all as having gotten us to where we are. By golly… we’re smart. No?

So she looks at it. And looks around. And looks up. And looks down.
And maybe takes a whiff. And then a nibble. Damn… that is one tasty
piece of fruit. But uh-oh. Now she’s was in trouble. Better for two
to be in trouble than just one. Hey… Adam. C’mere. Taste this. It’s
good. It’s sweet. And it’ll up your I.Q. by at least ten points.
Maybe more. Alas… she doesn’t see the Witness with the rat’s tail.

Ten points you say? Maybe more. Gimme a bite of that. It was indeed
quite tasty. There was no denying that. Hey. Look Evie. We’re naked.
Holy crap. How did that happen? Quick… cover up before anyone

And from here on you all know the rest of the story. Or at least
most of it. Except for a small addendum. There was a squirrel on the
scene. A squirrel in fact with a rat’s tail. All squirrel’s had
tails like rats back then. He was so horrified by what he had just
seen… that he covered his eyes with his skinny little tail in
order to avoid so horrendous a sight as the one he was witnessing.

This act of modesty did not go unrewarded. Quicker than you can say
applesauce… the squirrel was given a bushy tail as were all his
descendants henceforth. Of course… after that there was banishment
and all sorts of troubles. And the apple must have lost its power
because I eat one every day and not only am I not getting any
smarter… but I still have to see a doctor upon occasion.

However… on the plus side… you now all know how the squirrel got
its bushy tail. As it turns out… by the sheerest of coincidences…
I have an image of a gold squirrel holding an oval cabochon
sapphire. It was made by Mellerio. Value in 1989 … about 2500
pounds Sterling. As to how the squirrel got that sapphire… well…
that’s another tale for another time.

So. You wanna see?

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark