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[Tidbits] Why Doth The Goddess Grin?

What is that? A crack? A smile? A butter the shutter? An iron the
pan? A chirk? A chirp? A perk? A jollify pep-up? Yes. Well. Even more
important… why the Gioconda smile? What is the mystery behind this
goddess’s smirk? Afterglow? Why not. It’s a silly little grin. It
speaks of riddles. It speaks of enigmas. She holds her breasts. Her
eyes are dark. She’s geometrically endowed. Who is she?

She is Inanna. We met on the pages of a book about Hittites and
Sumerians and Assyrians. She was a statue. But I put a loop on her
head and made her a charm… though she was surely always that. This
is about jewelry … and if it ain’t jewelry… we make it jewelry.

Inanna… the most prominent female deity in ancient Mesopotamia.
Along the Tigris and Euphrates, shrines and temples were dedicated to
Inanna. In the greatest of these sacred temples prostitution was a
common practice. Sacred? Sacred prostitution? Is there an oxymoron
here? I think I am beginning to understand her happiness. Perhaps I
should take this image and bring it into Matrix art and truly make it
into a golden icon. Not much unlike the golden calf of old… but
brought into modern times… with many more pleasures offered than
those of that baby cow.

A quick trip into a city’s red-light district… a talented hawker to
make the rounds… Inanna for sale… get your golden Inanna… and
the shekels would start rolling in. According to sources…
hermaphrodites among others were particularly involved in the worship
and ritual practices at Inanna’s temples. This goddess knew no bounds.
Question. If you were she… would you not be grinning too?

She is also known as Ishtar. She is connected with extramarital sex
and sensual affairs. Never marriage. Listen oh you folks involved in
the sacred craft of jewelry. One can not always romp in meadows of
gold and silver and diamonds and Every jeweler and every
setter needs to occasionally take a break from his passions of
creation… and delve perhaps into the heady world of Ishtar and her
sensualities. It is for this reason… solely as an act of pure
altruism… that I digress slightly from jewels and such and lead you
down a path of heady pleasures. Tomorrow… after you read this…
you will sit at your benches… torches in hand… gravers at the
ready… with silly little grins on your faces. And when asked by
your fellows workers why you are smiling… just tell them Benjamin
introduced to you Inanna of the golden charm.

Step right up folks. Get yer tickets early. Let me know if you’re
coming. All aboard…

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our pages a charm of a goddess named Inanna.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark