[Tidbits] Who Woulda Thunk It

The great ones used only one name. Gaugin. Rodin. Picasso. Dali.
Bulgari. Tiffany. The list is endless. And as surely as they all used
only one name. surely so did our jeweler/ sculptor who I have decided
to call Bizzarro for want of anything else.

At one time in time Bizzarro may have entered into a picture and
posed this series of questions to an unsuspecting soul: Would you
pose for me and when would you pose for me and why would pose for me
in the first place? And if you do pose for me how are you going to be
able to maintain your pose for the length of time required for me or
any jeweler or a sculptor to complete his/her task of replication?
These are the questions that beg deep analyses. Perhaps the actual
interview went something like this:

Excuse me sir. I am in need for an innovative type of sculpture and
though I chose you randomly my instincts tell me you might be a
likely candidate. Yes yes. Of course I realize that instinct infers
“without intellect”. Intellect is not everything you know. So. Will
you do it? As enticement I will supply a gorgeous young thing in
order to amuse and to aid in keeping your mind on your task.

Yes? Did you say yes? Well then. let us commence, shall we? What time
is it, you ask? I would venture to say ten minutes into the 18th
century as the crow flies. The early 1700’s perhaps. On this very
same island of Agattu where we now stand. I will send a messenger
post-haste to summon Brigitte. Not her real name of course. It is
one’s duty to protect the innocent is it not? She will be here
momentarily. May I suggest you prepare.

Now now. No false modesty. We are all born with the essentially the
similar parameters you know. Perhaps you could sit on that ledge.
Assume a position of comfort and hold it if you will and as I sculpt
I will tell you a tale. Ah. Here is Brigitte. She is a vivacious
creature and is quite capable of taking the initiative in order to
keep the situation in hand as it were.

Don’t mind the sound of the hammer young man. Don’t mind the stone
chips flying. As an artist I am quite accurate and cannot remember
ever marring a creation born of such interesting sources. You are
doing a fine fine job Brigitte. Do keep it up. Let us not let our
enthusiasm flag.

As to the interesting tale I promised. it is this: When my creation
of sculpted stone is done–which, metaphorically speaking–is a
perfect medium for this topic. it will be buried and discovered 200
hundred years later. And then another jeweler–not near to being my
equal you understand–his name will be Benjamin and he will take this
piece of rock and transform it into a golden artifact which I surmise
will then be sought and clamored for world-wide by women of all ages.

I see the smile on your face sir. Are you mocking Bizzarro’s talents
sire. or is it Brigitte that is bringing joy to your soul? I hope it
is the latter for it is within Bizzarro’s power to make you famous or
infamous or even mundane. So weigh your smirks carefully my good

A few more strokes sir. A touch here. A dimple there. And the cockles
of my creation will have reached their zeniths. Et voila. My
masterpiece. it is finished. I was truly quite climactic in my
execution. Wouldn’t you agree? Would you like Brigitte to stay with
you a while longer?

So. that said. here it is. that which
Benjamin-the-interpreter-of-dreams has transformed into gold. Who
amongst you would like to see a stunning sculpture created by none
other than Bizzarro himself before being transformed into gold by you
know who. Hmmm? You know where. www.tyler-adam.com. Scroll down. Left
side. Tidbits. Click.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

I bet that’s one that JTV wouldn’t sell! :wink: (reference toour JTV