[Tidbits] Uto and Nekhbet

First. a challenge aimed at only the sharpest eyed amongst you. I
refer to the image. It was too large to scan in one piece. so I
had to scan in two parts and then assemble. The seam of
demarcation denoting the joining of part one to part two–while
barely visible–is still nevertheless discernible. My challenge:
Find it and tell me where it is using compass headings or a clock
face to describe the location. Your reward: A brand new Maserati
… or a piece of bubble gum. depending on my financial condition
at anyone’s given Eureka moment.

That said. let us speak first of Uto and Nekhbet. They reside in
imagery on one of the walls of the Temple of Edfu. One is a the
serpent goddess of the north and the other is the vulture goddess
of the south. They are known together as the Two Ladies of Egypt.
And as vultures and snakes go. these two are stunners.

Of course the question may arise here and there as to just who
would want to wear a snake and a vulture around one’s neck in the
first place. regardless of their beauty. Before I hear a
collective pronouncement of “Yech”… let me tell and show you

They reside. these two. side by side on a multicolored gold and
semiprecious stone collar that once belong to Tut. Tut not only
had great taste. but he also had great jewelers. As an addendum.
it’s not that I don’t think there aren’t any great artistic
talents out there that could create this bejeweled neckpiece.
it’s that I don’t think the values exist that would encompass the
willingness to create the expenditures required to make this
thing. fashion propensities aside.

For those of you aspiring to royalty one day. perhaps even
aspiring to a state of exalted and extreme ruler of the dynasty
in which you live–I would call this particular dynasty “The Age
of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 and The Lying Bastards Who Say
Whatever The Hell They Want”–to you I would like put your minds
as rest by letting you know that Uto and Nekhbet have been the
protectors of the Sovereigns from the earliest times. As to the
name of the dynasty. that’s just me. I’m sure each and every one
of you can find your own pet name worthy of these times.

So. with all that. who wants to see Tut’s bejeweled collar
flanked by Uto and Nekhbet in all their glory?


Which brings us to that point: The image of a Collar about to be
uncovered. For those of you who are new to this thing called
Tidbits. may I direct you to my home page at
http://www.tyler-adam.com where you will scroll down the left
side menu till you get to the area that says Current Tidbits.
Click on it and you will see represented on our pages an image of
a Tut’s Collar in all its splendor.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark


Wow, what a thing of beauty! Any idea of the weight of this beauty?
As always, amazing jewelry and amazing language.

Best, MA

Enjoy your tidbits. Can’t find the seam, no bubblegum today. Wonder
if these exotic pieces were ever worn, or just a momentary whim of
design in hopes that the king would choose to wear it. blessings

Pat from Alaska where the sun is shining and the days get longer and
longer, snow in one pile, and green grass shoots in the other.
Spring where we know we made it one more year.