[Tidbits] Unknown Object

I am here to delve into the unknown. I am going to show you a golden
object … alas it doth not have a name for it is unknown. However
… I will tell you something interesting about this thing … and
that is that there are two of them. Yuppers folks. Two objects in
gold … a matched pair in fact … and not only is its identity
unknown … but its function is unknown as well.

The challenge: How much can one say about something that is totally
unknown? And how beautiful can an unknown golden object without
understandable function truly be? Hoo-ha! You would be surprised.
I’ll tell you this … the image of this object was photographed on a
mirror … so that it looks as though there were two of them …
which there are though only one was photographed.

Challenge number two: How long can I hold your attention with this
twaddle? Let’s first give this thing a name. I shall call it Zach–
which is Yiddish for “Thing” … till you get to see it. It is
believed that Zach somewhat resembles Iranian works in style and in
the use of inlay. It is also believed that Zach was made on the
western borders of the Achaemenid empire.

Zach at one time had been on exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum
of Art. But he, along with his twin, had been removed because of
their fragility.

I will venture that you will each and every one enjoy Zach and his
looks. And so … in that spirit … I invite you all to let me know
what you think he is and what he does. If I get enough responses on
this–and this is not to mean that any of you should feel under
pressure to write–I will then post … with the suggestor’s
anonymity guaranteed–your best guesses. Should be a hoot … no?

So … without further ado …

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in order to view a gorgeous bit of the unknown.

Benjamin Mark

thinking it might disassemble like a chinese puzzel, maybe
somethings inside?


I think the object looks like a baby toy – with all the different
animals and textures.

my first thought was that it might be a chinese style finger trap
but on closer look there is no where to put your fingers!!!

oh well, Jerry

Looks like they are religious objects to me - some sort of altar
decoration? Whatever they are, they are beautiful, with great

Tidbits always makes me smile -thank you Benjamin Mark

Hi there!

Could it be a head-rest or pillow? the shape resembles Chinese,
Korean and Japanese ancient pillows or head-rests made of porcelain
or lacquered wood. In Korea, I saw some being used and they were
made of woven bamboo.


    Looks like they are religious objects to me - some sort of
altar decoration? 

Hi All;

I couldn’t imagine what this thing was until just a moment ago, when
I had a vision in my head of the royal scribe unrolling a scoll
before the king and setting a pair of these down, one on each end of
the scroll, to weigh it down an keep in from rolling back up again.
I think Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson were there, in my
head, that is . . .

David L. Huffman