[Tidbits] Turkey... One week later

Well. it is late. But is it too late? And is it ever too late to
talk turkey? And for that matter. what is talking turkey anyway. and
where did that saying come from. and what does this have to do with

These are the questions that trouble the troubled mind. The
quiescent mind is not so troubled because the quiescent mind does
not care. So here’s the rest of the story in two segmented beliefs.

As to which is true? Who knows? Takes yer picks and lets me knows
yer choices. I awaits. for I’m Benjy the Tidbits man / and I yam
what I yam what I yam. Thanksgiving day yams that is.

As it turns out–oh you’re not going to believe this–but I have a
picture of a fake green chalcedony turkey standing side by side with
a faux turquoise and coral and rhinestone gold electroplated Indian.
perhaps even a mock-up of the very Indian who first uttered those
now famous words: Talk turkey to me.

So. Who wants to see a turquoise and coral Indian and a Chalcedony
turkey side by side. friends forever. or until the kill? Whichever
comes first. You know where. www.tyler-adam.com. Scroll down. Left
side. Tidbits. Click.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks.

Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark