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[Tidbits] Triskelion


This is a tale from which I will take a few liberties. This Tidbits
is… for a large part. being written in Vinny’s voice.

I take the railroad into the city four days a week. As happenstance
would have it. I quite often sit in the same seat in the same car
next to a man I had not met till a few months ago. We greet each
other with a few macho bits of humor. Hey. Thanks fer savin’ my seat
again. T’ain’t nuthin’. We grin our macho grins and get down to our
railroad tasks. This day I was on my iPad checking on an order. And
this issue of Tidbits stems from an aberration from our daily
routine. We began to chit-chat. Whaddya do? I’m in jewelry. And you?
I’m an engineer. Jewelry. huh? Yeah. I got my site up. Wanna see?
Sure. And I show Vinny last week’s Durga. Hey. Looks like Trinicaria.
Hunh? Yeah. it’s an Italian symbol.

The real name is Triskelion. It’s known for its rotational symmetry.
Most often it’s three human legs bent at the knee. Vinny knows his
stuff.Comes from the Greek, you know. “Tri and Skelos”. Three and
legs. It’s the symbol of Sicily as well as the Isle of Man.

Hey. You’re name’s Benjamin you said. Right? Right. Yeah. well
Benjamin. I got more. Maybe you can use this some time. Did you know
the Triskelion first appeared in Malta? And it also appeared in
Ireland around 3200 BC. And it was also in Lycia around 370-333 BC.

But it’s Sicily where it’s really at. I know. It’s my heritage
Benjamin. Ask Pliny the Elder. He attributes the origin of the
Triskelion of Sicily directly to the triangular form of the Island.
Wait wait. I got more.

We have to hurry. We passed Jamaica a while ago and we’re getting
close to Penn Station. Yeah yeah Vinny. I’m listenin’.

There are Asian versions too. Nooo! Yeah. Those versions include the
Japanese Mitsudomoe and the Tibetan Buddhist Gankyil and the Korean

I digress here dear readers. for a personal observation. So many
different religions. so many different beliefs. so many different
languages and customs. and yet. the stories are all similar. How come
that is? Tell me that why don’t you?

Hey. Vinny continues. I got more. Stop digressing when I’m talking.
Do you know the Triskelion is used as the badge of the Canadian
soccer team: The Victoria Highlanders FC? Well. it’s a little
altered. But still… And there’s even more. Lots more. But we’re
pulling in. Gotta go. See ya around.

Hey. Vinny. I’m gonna use this in Tidbits next week. Okay? Yeah.
Sure. Go for it. And send me a copy.

And so there it is. The very reason for this week’s issue of
Tidbits. Who woulda thunk it? That said. who out there would like to
see golden pendant version of Triskelion or Trinicaria. depending on
your preferences. You do know where do you not? My home page: Scroll down. Left side menu. Current
Tidbits. Click. And there will be a gold pendant with chain of
Trinicaria for your enjoyment.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark