[Tidbits] Torso

Centaur: Half-man… half-horse. An ancient race inhabiting Mount
Pelion. Most popularly known today as Chiron-The-Archer on the
astrological chart. A creature with a male torso.

Madrake: A plant with a root that looks like a man. It is said to cry
when wrenched from the earth which nourishes it… driving those who
hear its plaintive wail mad. And what does it have in common with the
Centaur? Yup. It is a creature with a male torso.

Minotaur. Half man half beast. In this case… alas… it does not
quite back up my theme… for the Minotaur had the body of a bull and
the head of a man. Ah… were it only reversed. Were it only that the
creature had the torso of a man. T’ain’t to be it seems. But you will
see my point by and by.

Satyrs. A race of immortal goat-men. Attendants to Dionysus. Their
favorite pastime… drinking wine and chasing nymphs. It’s the
chasing nymphs that is most important here… for the male name
description to equal nymphomania–that most wondrous of female
traits- -is satyriasis… for thems what didn’t know this. As to
their torsos… you got it again. The had the torsos of men. Well…
not completely… but enough for this tale.

There are other creatures that are part human and part beast.
There’s the Echidna… the snake woman. And the Mermaid… half fish
half woman. Do mermaids marry mermen I wonder? And would those mermen
have male torsos? And there’s the Siren… with bodies of birds and
heads of women. And the Sphinx… a woman-lion-bird creature. No more
torsos of men here alas.

This last little bit… for one with less fortitude than I… would
prove to be an insurmountable conundrum. But I am not dismayed. Let
them eat cake, I say. And let them all have the torsos of men. And
let mythology take a new direction as it heads toward modernism. Let
us write a new version to all the old stories. The title? Easy.
“Mythology… According To Moi.”

Which brings us to this question. Why all this male torso thing,
Benjamin? My answer to you dear souls. Why not? After all… I have
this Pendant made and signed by Berocal… made of 18 karat yellow
gold… designed as the torso of a nude male. Most interesting to
see. Worth about $4000. A cute present for your loved one to wear…
dontcha think?

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this golden male torso.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

Sorry Benjamin, you got the Minotaur backwards. All the
representations of him I’ve ever seen have the body of a man with the
head and tail of a bull. Here are some sources that confirm this:

http://www.minotaur-websites.com/minomyth.htm ;

Also, it’s mandrake, not “madrake”.

Andrew Werby

Okay Andrew,

Let’s start with Mandrake. No arguments. It was a typo… an error
which my sister caught and pounced upon immeditaley… dear soul that
she is. As to the Minotaur… I concede that you are correct … as
is my sister again… but this one I concede with reluctance. I
read–I don’t know where but it was as I was writing tidbits… that
it was the body of a bull and head of a man. When I was corrected by
dear old sis… I asked a friend of mine who loves mythology… and
he said nope… body of bull… head of man. Now I went to your URLs
and it would appear that I was wrong. I emailed the URL to my sister
and I’m sure she is now grinning from ear to ear with great
satisfaction. This is not the happiest moment in my life Andrew. I
think I need a little shot of shnaaps to calm my frazzled nerves.

Thanks for the info… of course of course.