[Tidbits] The Valkyr

The most wonderful thing about Norse mythology–in my perhaps not so
humble opinion–is not the tales. nor the adventures. nor the places.
but rather the names. No Johns and Marys or Jims or Janes for them.
Not even a Zeus or a Jupiter or a Mercury or an Athena among the lot.
Or even a Sabah or an Ali or a Sheherezade. No no no. They have an
Einheriar and an Aesir and a Freki and a Sleipnir and a Svadilfari.
Hello Sleipnir. Let me introduce you. This is Svadilfari. Never mind
that Sleipnir was an eight legged horse.

But I digress. as I am often wont to do. And let us return to the
Valkyr. Valkyrie for some of you. Walkyrie for even others. They
comprise of a host of female figures who have been given two tasks
with which to fill the purposes of their existence. The first was to
swoop down when soldiers were doing battle and decide who shall
perish and who shall live. Among those that perish, the Valkyr choose
fifty percent of those that had fallen and bring them to the
afterlife hall of the slain, Valhalla, ruled by Odin. It is there
that the deceased ones become einherjar–lone fighters who have died
in battle.

Which brings us by way of slight segue. to the second job of the
Valkyrs. and that is to bring to their chosen … when the moment is
ripe. horns filled with mead. It’s not like in your local tavern. If
you’re dead you don’t just sidle up to the bar and say hey buddy,
I’ll have a horn of your finest mead. You await for the Valkyrs–who
are also lovers of heroes and other mere mortal human type beings–to
bring you your well deserved swig of beer.

Which brings us of course. to a most delicate question. Hey.
Benjamin. What the devil has this got to do with jewelry? Now I ask
you this. Is there a single one amongst you that really believes I
was not prepared for this querye

Hah. Innocent readers. Do you not know what I have here? I have a
pendant. Yes I do. Sixth century no less. Swedish to boot. And it’s
cast in the likeness of a Valkyr. Now here’s the shocker for you
all. You read what I wrote. And you think. wow… this Valkyrs must
surely be a stunner. Well. You would be right. And you would be
wrong. A stunner. perhaps. But would you recognize her for the
beautiful woman she is purported to be? Methinks not.

So go. Take a look. And tell me in a most honest fashion. if I had
not told you who she was. would you have known she was a Valkyr. or
even a beautiful woman? Hmmme

You know where by now. Yes?

For those of you who are new to this thing called Tidbits. may I
direct you to my home page at http://www.tyler-adam.com where you
will scroll down the left side menu till you get to the area that
says Current Tidbits. click it. and you will see represented on our
pages an image of a most interesting sixth century Valkyr pendant.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks.

Catch you all next week.

Benjamin Mark

Det var godt! For those who do not know Danish - translation: This is

My family goes way back with Danish roots. I was born in Horsens

Back a few centuries there was a little know king of Denmark called
Christian the 4th. He had 87 wives. 52 he actually married. One of
my great (too many greats to list all) grandmother was one of the
unmarried wives. For her part, she ended up with a daughter and a
small metal cross. It wasn’t even silver. It been passed down over
the centuries in my family to finally end up with me. I wish I could
post a picture of it, but it is in a storage unit in Utah along with
the rubber mold I made of it at the Revere Academy.

Another Scandihovvian tradition regarding jewelry is to give a girl
on her 13th birthday an amber heart on a black cord. Mine was on a
velvet cord.

The amber found on the sea coast to the east of Jylland, and set by
my uncle who owned the Jewelry store in Hovedgaard Denmark. I wish
these types of traditions could still continue today.

Tak for de historier.
Aggie far from the land of trolls living in the land of gators.

Another Scandihovvian tradition regarding jewelry is to give a
girl on her 13th birthday an amber heart on a black cord. Mine was
on a velvet cord. 

Maybe we should start a tradtion like that, at least for our own

You are awesome Aggie. Hope the winter treats you lightly. Sheri