[Tidbits] The Ugliest God

Who is he … for those of you mytholigically inclined?

He’s Semitic in origin … he’s African in origin … perhaps he’s
both. His name however, is Egyptian. I do hope I’m mixing you up. He
always wore an animal skin and it is the animal-- Besa or Besu–from
which his name was gleaned.

One usually views him as a dwarf with a huge bearded head and a
protruding tongue. Not a pleasant sight. Imagine yourselves walking
down the street one day in sunny Americaville when coming the other
way … He has a flat nose … shaggy hair and eyebrows … large
ears … thick arms … bowed legs. Not the Adonis one tends to think
of when thinking of gods.

The skin of the animal he wears is of the panther tribe. Its tail
drags along the ground behind him. On his head rests a tiara of
feathers. Clearly … this god is a savage. He is a multi-faceted
chap. Perhaps a bit schizoid … for he is a god of music and dance
as well as a god of war and slaughter. He is a destroyer. He carries
two knives in his hands and can often be seen playing a harp. This
little fellow–in my opinion–is in the midst of an identity crisis.

When he’s not upheaving nature … he’s busy protecting children and
women about to give birth. When he’s not carrying on with his
weaponry … he’s associated with joy and pleasure. Dichotomy
dwelleth within this god’s soul. What, I wonder, would Freud thought
of our Egyptian god? Could he be analyzed? Could he be straightened
out into becoming a normal … functional and rational god … able
to mix with other gods on a Sunday afternoon when work was done?
Could he playfully engage in a friendly game of manipulating humans
… as is and was the habit of all gods past and present … all in
good sport of course?

Bes is his name. He looks like what you’ve never seen before unless
you’ve seen his image. I have an picture of an amulet bearing his
likeness. Quite pretty in an ugly sort of way. Attractive in fact
… in a terrifying manner. Beautiful as sin. Beatific as the devil
himself. It’s worth a look-see. Not too sure of the material from
which he’s made and so–in the golden spirit within which I reside
… like Midas … I turned him into gold. The photograph was black
and white and did not mention his makeup.

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark