[Tidbits] The Race

There’s the shot… they’re off. The crowd is going wild. They cheer.
They laugh. They wave their tickets at the contestants. C’mon Sasha
and Koocha and Fido and Pooch. They’re after the gold. Their tongues
are hanging out of their mouths. But is it 14k… or is it 18k. They
turn the first corner. A quarter of a lap is gone. Three to go.

The number two hound is coming up from the rear. The hare is ahead
… running for the win. Que sera… sera. Will it be brooches…
will it be pins… will it be one of each? They’re approaching the
second curve. The crowds are in ecstasy. Half of them are holding the
number 2 as their win ticket. A woman faints as number two inches up
to second place position after curve two. The hare is still ahead. No
one yet knows the worth of first prize. Some mysteries are best held
till the end.

There’s a hush. The number 5 hound has replaced number two for
second place as they near curve three. They’re turning. The hare has
gained distance. Will it get caught? Will it get eaten? This is no
ordinary race. This is for pure ore. Dirt is flying as claws rip up
track dirt. There’s dust in the air. No one can see. Then it
clears… slowly slowly. The crowd gasps. As the hounds come out of
curve three and come to the home stretch… suddenly…
miraculously… number two is now in the lead. He’s up by a nose and

The hare puts on a burst of speed. Number two puts on the pressure.
He’s now ahead by a fang… and now a neck… and now a half a body
length. The hare looks back… stumbles… regains her balance. Fear
pumps in the adrenalin. She leaps forward. Astounding. The crown does
not know who to cheer for. Either way now the gold is theirs.

And the winner is… ladies and gennulmen… by a hare’s breadth …
number two! Oh the pandemonium. The dizziness. No one had ever seen
such a sight. No one before has ever witnessed such a race. No one
that is… except for the attendees… and you dear reader… for you
who are privileged are about to enter into the surreal world in which
our audience and the contestants themselves lived for a few fleeting

A hound and a hare for your pleasure dear souls. Are they one… or
are they two. Are they 18k or are they 14k. The mysteries of life
are endless. Knowledge is elusive. As is their value. All we know is
that we know naught. And this is one of the naughts in life.

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark