[Tidbits] The Most Treasured of all Gemstones

Think 2.5 million dollars folks. Think India … that vast
sub-continent that treasures above all gemstones … the emerald.
Think of a pair of bangles set with emeralds of such exceptional
richness of color as to take your breath away. Don’t think of the most
wondrous power of these stones to cure and prevent diseases of the
eye. Don’t think of them as exponents of the reproductive energies of
nature. And don’t think of emeralds as symbols of resurrection. Don’t
think of any of these characteristics of the emerald … primary in
importance as they are … unless of course you want to.

Back to the time when the Moghuls ruled. The emerald was being
fashioned into every conceivable form of jewelry. One could trace
their ascent in our consciousness back to Pharaonic times. And then
to the Ural mountains of Russia. And of course to the Conquistadors
as they invaded the land now known as Colombia wherein lay the great
mines of Muzo and Chivor from whence emeralds were brought to the
market places of Europe and the Far East via the Philippines.

It was from then to now that Emeralds have been associated with
India. Fact of the matter is this dear souls: Though India has no
deposits of gem quality emeralds … so strongly were the richly
colored variety associated with that country that they became known
as “Old Mine Indian Emeralds” … a little like those potatoes being
called French Fries when they actually emanated out Belgium where
they’re served on street corners to this day with mayonnaise. But I
digress. I shall proceed.

In the first half of the 1900’s descendants of Moghul warriors which
were now royalty were having their emeralds re-cut and re-set. The
bangles I show you today are in fact an example of the quality of
stones that exemplify the much sought after stones embraced by the
monied elite. These bracelets (bangles) were often worn on the ankles
… or often above the elbows … and even sometimes-- mundane as it
may sound–on the wrists.

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Benjamin Mark