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TIDBITS - The Most Expensive Watch in the World

T h e M o s t E x p e n s i v e W a t c h i n t h e
W o r l d.

It might appear, to the discriminating eye, that I am on a
watch/clock binge. To you out there who have come to this
conclusion, I say nay nay. It’s mere coincidence me lads. Mere
coincidence…and nothing more. That said…onward.

There is a company in Switzerland by the name of Chopard that
exhibited, not too long ago, what is supposed to be the most
expensive watch in the world. Here is what it contains. First
there are three heart-shaped diamonds. The Pink Heart Diamond
weighs 15 carats. The Blue Heart Diamond weighs 12 carats. And
the White Heart Diamond weighs 11 carats.

Now then…for many of us this would be sufficient. After
all…thirty eight carats of fancy cut and fancy color…that’s
not bad. Right? Wrong! These three colorful heart shapes are set
in a bracelet encrusted with more white and yellow fancy shaped
diamonds which make up little flowers in design. Total weight of
these little doo-dads…163 carats. We are now talking over 200
carats of diamonds in white and fancy colors.

The question some of you may have at this point would
be…hey…with all these diamonds in the way…how to I get to
see the time? The answer my friends…is very simple. There is a
spring loaded mechanism which, when pressed, allows our three
heart shapes to mechanically open up, much the way the petals of
a rose do while still wet with morning dew and sprinkled with
sunshine. And there, underneath, is the watch itself, also
studded with diamonds, ready to perform the utilitarian task it
was meant to do.

And the value of our little bauble folks? By a show of
hands…who out there wants to know the worth of our timepiece?
And again…by a show of hands…who out there would like to see
a picture of Chopard’s little masterpiece? Now…lemme count
those hands. There’s one…there’s another…and another…Okay.
I’ll tell you. The watch is worth 25 million dollars. For those
who didn’t hear me…that’s 25 MILLION DOLLARS! Can you believe
it? Now…go to my home page…scroll down the Tables Menu…to
where it says Tidbits…and then Tidbits Graphics…and
click…and thar she’ll be.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.

Take care,
Benjamin Mark

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