[Tidbits] The Man

The Man

Let me tell you a tale of a man. A man who has–as his heritage–the
dubious honor of having more jewelry bought in his name than anyone
else that ever lived.

There was a god named Lupercus. He was a Roman god. His memory was
celebrated in the times of Caesar. He was the god of agriculture. He
was the god of spring. Myth has it that a cave named after him was
the very cave in which Romulus and Remus were reared by a she-wolf.
The rites of Lupercus were exciting. On his day…the Luperci…men
prancing naked–covered only by goat skins–struck the women they met
with strips of goat in an effort to promote fertility.

During these rites our young men chose their partners for erotic
games by drawing billets (pieces of paper) with women’s names on them.
The church denounced these customs as lewd and heathen.
Juno…goddess of love… dominated the times. The church–in an
effort to quell these pagan customs–elected a Roman youth–at this
point unnamed–to help remedy the problem. Little did the young man
know he was to be an instrument of the church…to be
sacrificed–when needed–in order to suppress these lascivious

I extrapolate. The festivities are in full swing. The billets with
various women’s names are ready for picking. Our young man picks his
billet and approaches his love for the day. And he is then summarily
executed and made into a martyr by the church for having died in an
effort to celebrate the rites of spring. Clearly…rampant
fornication promised nothing less than death. Some say the young man
was a priest. Others say he was a bishop. Regardless…his death
created one of the best known martyrs to mankind.

So now…before we reveal our young martyr’s name…a few little
facts to titillate your senses. Juno…goddess of love was also known
as Juno Februata (February?)…goddess of the fever (febris in Latin)
of love. And those little billets that started this whole love-making
…orgiastic indulging…heady excitement of the day…these little
billets were the prototypes of what we today call Valentines. Don’t
tell me you guys don’t give your lady friends these little cards
accompanied by a gift at times without ulterior motives. Have things
changed so much since Roman times? Nah. It’s all the same. Except
that today we use cashmere instead of goatskins.

As to our poor lad…the one who was executed by the church in order
to create a martyr and a religious icon which would quell the
blasphemous fornication that was running amuck in Rome…well…he was
named Saint Valentine. And he became the patron of lovers in whose
name Hallmark Greeting Cards pulls in no mean fortune at this time of
year…never mind the chocolatiers…and the florists…and Tyler-Adam
Corp. Oops. Did I say Tyler-Adam Corp? Heh heh. Just joking.

Well…not really. I just got hold of a lightweight bracelet with a
heart ready for engraving dangling from one end. I know it’s
late…but is it ever too late to give your loved one something
special…in memory of Lupercalia? To see our bracelet…and the
heart…and the incredibly low price–I know this is self-serving but
what can I do–follow the directions below.

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The Man

He … is easily the most recognized name in American history. So
famous is our Man … so famous is he in fact … that a piece of
jewelry … a gold and shell cameo bangle bracelet … was made with
his profile carved on the cameo. Let me tell you a couple of things
about our guy.

He was an author … a publisher … a scientist … a public
servant … a diplomat … and was even referred to in that greatest
of all tomes … the Encyclopedia Britannica … as “the first
civilized American.”

Ya wanna hear some precious pearls that dripped from his lips and
pen in enviable wisdom? Here’s one: “A word to the wise is enough,
and many words won’t fill a bushel.” Here’s another: “God helps them
that help themselves.” Breathes there a soul out there, I wonder …
who has not heard these words at one time or another in his or her

He was born on Milk Street in Boston. As a young adult he was known
to have a “strong sexual drive” and as such finished up having
trysts with “low” women and ended by having a son named William
whose mother was never identified. I tend to zero in on the
whispering scuttlebutt that pervades our squalid senses. I am a base
man and proud of it.

“The sleeping fox catches no poultry, and that there will be
sleeping enough in the grave,” are more bon mots uttered by our
philosophical man of the past. He advocated rather strongly a
rigorous work ethic and had many things to say as he blazoned his
fundamental beliefs in word and text for all to read and hear.

“Plough deep while sluggards sleep and you shall have corn to sell
and to keep.” Ye gads lads and lassies … does that say it all or
what? Has there ever been a man of letters with thoughts so deep?
Nay, I say. Never. Not then. Not now. Not tomorrow.

A quick aside about the jeweler who made the bangle that held the
cameo that portrayed the profile that brought joy to the wearer of
our outstanding man. His name was Luigi Saulini of the Saulini
family of Rome. In the mid 1800’s this family was known for it
cameo carvings and they specialized in portrait cameos such as the
one you are about to see.

It occurs to me that there might be some of you who have not yet
guessed at the identity of our great American. And so I introduce
him to you. Ladies and Gentlemen … may I present … the king of
kites … the prince of electricity … the author of Poor Richard’s
Almanac … Benjamin Franklin. (Nice first name … dontcha think?)

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