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[Tidbits] The Man in the Necklace

The Man in the Necklace

In all of recorded history…this man in the necklace is by far and
away the most recognizable and well known of them all. I would
venture to say–with almost egotistical assurance–that there is not a
person alive in western civilization who has not heard of this chap.
WAIT! Hold on a minute there folks. Don’t go running to the graphic
now to satisfy your curiosity. Test your knowledge instead my
friends. Pit your wits against Tyler-Man as he tells you about this
fellow. See if you can figure out who he is by the end of this thing
called Tidbits. So…shall we sally forth?

Our necklace was made of gilded brass by a Holland jeweler by the
name of Gijs Bakker…circa 1988. It was created during a time when
designers were searching for forms that would be minimalist and
universal. Bakker succeeded admirably with our man in brass.

I will not give you the date of our man’s birth. Suffice it to say it
was quite a long while ago. He was…in his way…a ruler–for a
short period–of the domain he inhabited. And though he suffered a
major operation in his youth…he lived to an extraordinary old age.
However–ruler that he may have been–his life was beset by
difficulty and misfortune…much of it not of his making.

At a young age he was betrayed…and this betrayal cost him the
comforts he had come to expect. He was–by profession and
inclination–a gentle man and a farmer. But distractions led him to
lose his land…and he was forced to move on. Alas… he never again
found a place where the soil yielded with such ease the fruits of his

Our fellow turned out to be quite prolific when it came to building
his family…and he was singlehandedly instrumental in impregnating
his wife enough times in order to ensure a dynamic growth of family so
amazing as to be of epic proportions. He surely subscribed to that old
credo that said one had to keep one’s wife pregnant in winter and
barefoot in summer. He lived long enough to see children and
grandchildren and even great grandchildren and–I suspect–more.

Many of our gentleman’s offspring made names for themselves in
history…and it was as much through his offspring as for himself that
our protagonist achieved the level of renown he enjoys after his
death. And yet…the most amazing thing about our chap is that no one
knows how he died or from what causes. With even the great family our
man created…there was not a one who was able to tell the world–if
for no other reason than the penchant we have for recorded
history–where our man in brass was buried. No one knows.

I digress. Perhaps someone out there does know: Someone who has
heard of our man… and who is far more knowledgeable about him than I
am. This is no difficult trick, folks. I know what I know but I know
it ain’t so much. So…who is this fellow of whom I speak…and in
whose image a gold-plated brass necklace was created in Holland in
the late 1980’s. Anybody out there know…before I tell you? Hmmm?

Well…his name was…was…was…Adam…the first man on
earth…betrayed by Eve and forced out of Eden where he tended to the
fruits of the land and tilled the soil. For those of you who are new
to this thing called Tidbits…may I direct you to my home page at where you will scroll down the table menu till you
get to the box that says Tidbits…and inside the box where it says
Tidbit Graphics…click on the link that says: Man…where you will
see a graphic of our necklace and the man who sits there upon.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all next
week. Benjamin Mark

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