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[Tidbits] The Lady Butterfly


The Lady Butterfly

For those of you who have not yet noticed…I seem to be on an insect
kick. What can I say? At the turn of the century…female workers in
jewelry manufacturing facilities were segregated from male workers in
order to avoid fraternization…and also…because women with their
smaller hands and greater manual dexterity could work with the finest
and most delicate pieces of jewelry.

Cronus threw the severed phallus of his father into the sea and the
ensuing turmoil in the frothing foaming waters gave birth to the
Goddess of love…Aphrodite. She was seductive, lovely, and sweet
natured. She was Woman.

Widespread in certain parts of the world is the belief that our souls
take the form of the butterfly. Whether this is before birth or after
death is not clear. Angels were ofted shown as entities with butterfly
wings. Fairies have butterfly wings. The butterfly–once know as a
flutter-by (which makes more sense to me)-- plays a major role in
man’s belief in mythology and magic.

Women have played a major role in mythology and history. Goddess or
mortal…swan maiden or siren…Lorelei lured sailors traveling the
high seas. Then there was Salome, and Mata Hari, and Cleopatra, and
Helen of Troy. All women who rose in stature by miles above the men
of their times.

In northern Europe…the very sight of a butterfly at night was a sure
sign that Death would soon come a knockin’ at your door. Now here’s a
little Tidbit you must all place close attention to. In order to
ensure a favorable new year–right around the corner folks–you must
kill the first butterfly you see. Soooo…after midnight…December
thirty first…start looking. However…be careful. Should the first
butterfly you see be a white one…it’s all over except for the
counting…for a white butterfly at first sight is an omen of doom
and gloom and an abundance of bad luck.

The anima is the unconscious female side of every man. Should man
reject that side of himself–not my theory guys–should he hide his
anima behind veils of intellectualism while ruling over feelings …he
then becomes easy target for women who like to do with men as they
will. Woman…in short…is an all powerful creature…and not…as
many would like to believe…second in command in the hierarchal
order of the sexes.

Among the Blackfoot Indians…belief has it that dreams are brought to
us on the wings of butterflies. Women of the tribe would often
embroider a butterfly on a piece of buckskin and then wrap the
buckskin around her baby’s head in order to ensure a peaceful sleep in
her child. Insomniacs of the world…take heed. Can’t sleep. Out with
your Sominex…and Xanax…and whatever else you use. Have your mate
paint a butterfly on your forehead …and you will sleep the sleep of
a thousand nights.

Is it a wonder then…many of you may well ask…is it a wonder then
that some enterprising jeweler decided to mate the two…the butterfly
and the woman…in order to create a piece of sculpture in enameled
gold with diamonds so stunning as to make you want a butterfly pin
more than anything else in this world? Should this be the case…may I
send you to–oh how I blush again to say this-- but may I send you to
Tyler-Adam Corp…those Internet jewelers of such high esteem as to
take my breath away?

In the meantime and in the interim…to see that Lady Butterfly you
have naught to do but to go to my home page, and scroll down the
table menu…to the Tidbits section where it mentions graphics…and
click on Lady Butterfly…and tell me yes or tell me no…but is that
not the most stunning piece of jewelry you have ever seen? And there ya
have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark