[Tidbits] The Jewels of Diana Fluck

The Jewels of Diana Fluck

Now now…hold on a second there folks. Lest you should all begin a
mass rally in protest of my language…there’s an “L” in that last
name. Ms. Fluck was born on October 23, 1931 at Swindon, in
Wiltshire, England, to Captain Albert Fluck. At age nine she announced
in a school essay that she was going to be an actress. To
digress…don’t you all just love her last name? Hmmm? And if one of
you were to be suddenly confronted with a chance of fame and fortune
in the world of Hollywood…and your last name was Fluck…would you
change it to something more presentable…or would you keep that
name…standing strong and firm on family pride and heritage and
honor…and imagine it in flickering neon signs blazing across a city
skyline…Fluck… Fluck…Fluck…all the while hoping desperately
that one of the letters in your last name did not blink out…leaving
a totally different message for the public eye.

Well…so it was for our Ms. Fluck…who died at the age of 52…and
who left behind a small collection of jewelry which was sold off by
the trustees of her estate. But she left behind more than jewelry. In
spite of her name…Ms. Fluck became a national celebrity. However,
it was not for her films that she was well known. Her notoriety grew
because of the publicity she received as the news media followed and
reported her many love affairs. She was denounced by the Archbishop of
Canterbury as a “wayward hussy”. She sold her memoirs–considered
outrageous–to the ‘News of the World’ for 35,000 pounds.

In those days…if memory serves…there were three great platinum
blondes who were making the headlines. There was Marilyn
Monroe…there was Jayne Mansfield…and there was Ms. Fluck. Of
course…Ms. Fluck changed her name. Before I tell you her new stage
name…before I show you a piece of her jewelry…let me tell you a
bit more about her. Let me know if you know–before the end of this
Tidbits–who she is.

At fifteen years of age…while a student at the London Academy of
Dramatic Arts…probably less due to her talent as to the fact that
she was well developed beyond her years…she made her film debut in
'The Shop at Sly Corner". By the age of twenty she had several more
films under her belt. Sometime after the age of 27 she had two sons
whose godparents included Liberace, Pamela Mason and Terry-Thomas. By
the age of 37 she had to declare bankruptcy for non payment of taxes.

Once a photographers dream, by the mid and late seventies she had
lost her enticing figure and had almost died from meningitis. At the
age of 51 she was operated on for cancer and by the age of 52 she
died. 300 attended her funeral. She was dramatic from beginning to
end. Her name was…after she changed it from Diana Fluck…Diana
Dors. How many of you remember her?

Of the jewelry that is listed in my source…only the least
interesting is shown. But it’s all I have of our Ms. Dors…who I
remember vividly. And so I show it to you…a large rectangular
aquamarine set in a ring. For those of you who are new to this thing
called Tidbits…may I direct you to my home page at
www.tyler-adam.com where you will scroll down the table menu till you
get to the box that says Tidbits…and inside the box where it says
Tidbit Graphics…click on the link that says: Dors…where you will
see a rendering of one piece of her estate that was sold off after her

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

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