[Tidbits] The Fire-Drake

Little does our little creature know it will one day be personified
as a piece of jewelry. It’s eyes dart back and forth in frenzied
awareness as it lives flamed in fire. It exists in that realm that
separates man and God. It is part of the interplay of the four
categories of invisible beings that represent nature’s elemental
spirits: Earth. Air. Water. Fire.

Earth: Deep within her bowels dwell the dark gnomes … slow
creatures filled with knowledge. (Knowledge is Gnoma in Greek).

Air: Sylphs ride the air currents (Greek: Sylpha for butterfly) …
doing whatever it is sylphs do. Suck nectar out of blossoms perhaps.
Meet other sylphs with the purpose of creating more sylphs? Should
there be a universal book on the living and sexual habits of demons
and devils and angels and spirits? Whaddya think folks? Shouldn’t we
know more about those beings that live in parallel universes?

Water: In the sea the Undine surged. (In Latin Unda means wave).

FiRe: (Greek word for fireplace is Salambe) … and it is in fire
that our creature … the Fire-Drake … also known for those who
need to know these things–as the Salamander–dwelt. Tell me …
ain’t etymology a grand old thang? The salamander was also visualized
as a lizard or a little dragon.

It is also here … in the midst of Fire and the other elements where
man began his evolutionary growth … rising upon the escalator of
existence … striving ever upward into the living universe…
eventually leaving his beginnings where he once lived side by side
with the Fire-Drake … transforming over time from element … to
man … to … to … What is the next step folks … after one has
achieved the level of man?

I–of course–dispute with vigor any and all who would venture to
contradict the rise of man in the fashion described above and who
would use the tired old saw of evolution and Darwinism. Bah, I say
to the intellectually stilted … who use logic and fact as meager
weapons to prove ineffectual points. Who is more enduring in our
minds and hearts: Darwin … or Rumplestilskin? Ladies and gennulmen
… the defense rests.

As to our bejeweled salamander … he was made circa 1900 with
Diamonds and Demantoid Garnets … and is valued at around $5000.00

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

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