[Tidbits] The Fencer's Mate and the Reliquary

For now this will be the last of the Who Is This Person thing. Not
because I don’t love doing it… but rather because I suspect I may
be bordering on the precipice of boredom. If I’m wrong… and you
want more of this stuff… let me know.

That said… shall we sally forth? I suspect this one may be a bit
more challenging for The Fencer might not cross the generation gap as
easily as did Ella.

The Fencer was of Hungarian descent… and whether male or female …
The Fencer was incredibly good looking… ranging far above that of
mere mortals. I once saw The Fencer crossing Fifth Avenue near 47th
Street and I was struck by his/her looks. A God or Goddess–it
seemed–had landed for a short stroll in New York.

The Fencer was an athlete of the first caliber and had secured a
place for him/her self on the U.S. Olympic fencing team. However…
The Fencer passed on the opportunity in order to pursue a career in
acting. And now… a quickie to place The Fencer in time. The Fencer
arrived in Hollywood as a fencing instructor to Laurence Olivier who
subsequently introduced his teacher to Warner Brothers. The year was
1940. Warner Brothers then cast The Fencer in bit part in some
films… not the least of which was High Sierra with Humphrey

The Fencer was nominated for quite a few Academy Awards and finally
won one in 1952. I will not give you the name of the film… for if I
do… the jig–as they say–will be up.

Alas… I am now going to have to give you a hint. Oh how I hate
this. How it pains my soul. How it puts even more wrinkles into the
cockles of my heart. But I gotta do what I gotta do. The Fencer is a
male. Durn!

The year is 1950 and The Fencer meets a young actress from Chicago.
You want to know how daring I am? You want to know what a wild and
reckless soul inhabits the skin surrounding my body? So sure am I
that you are going to have trouble identifying The Fencer that I am
going to give you the name of this young actress who he married in
1951. She was Jean Wallace… with whom he later starred in many
actions films.

Alas… here ends my tale. The Reliquary of which I speak is a piece
of jewelry owned by Mrs. The Fencer. It is in its own right quite
attractive and is a should see as opposed to a must see. There is a
fine distinction here… or perhaps a not so fine distinction. Who
knows? One more thing… one little warning. No Googling to get the
answer. That would be cheating and I know… I just know that there
is not one out there… nary a single soul amongst my readers who
would ever even entertain the thought of taking a shortcut to
in order to impress me with their knowledge. Right? Of
course right.

As to the Reliquary… it is made of gold and rubies and dates back
to the 19th century. It’s worth somewhere in the are of $1500.00.
That said…

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark