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[Tidbits] The Diamond Koala Bear Brooch

But first. and of paramount importance. the question is begged. how
did the Aussies get to Australia in the first place? Simple. They
needed a bridge to cross over the vast waters and so they killed a
Koala and used its long intestines to build said bridge to span the
waters that separated the continents that kept the natives from
crossing the waters that had no bridge because the Koala still lived
and had not yet been gutted. Of course. the logically oriented might
ask how did they get to the Koala to kill it in the first place since
it lived all the way over there and the would-be travelers lived all
the way over here. Alas. just as there are questions with answers in
this life. so must there be questions with no answers. This latter
one is one of the latter.

There are of course other highly scientific in depth analyses of
different aspects of Koala traits as to the way they relate to varied
literary subjects such as how the Koala came to lose its tail and why
do Tribes in Queensland and Victoria regard the Koala in such high
esteem that they continuously come to him for advice. Of course
there’s more. There is in evidence the little known fact that Koalas
can turn barren lands into lush forests filled with fecundity. Anyone
out there know what the devil fecundity means? And last but not
least. for those of you who need justification as to just why anyone
would want to make a diamond Koala brooch in the first place. please
keep in mind that the Koala was–among other things–depicted in
fictional tales in which it played the part of the likes of Blinky
Bill and Bunyip Bluegum. names known to all who follow Koala lore.
and perhaps even to those who don’t.

I will not mention the fact that Van Cleef and Aarpels was the
jewelry house that created the wondrous Koala Bear Brooch nor will I
mention the Koala Bear is not a bear of any kind at all for to
mention these mundane facts would serve only to diminish the
standings of the list of notables who were so taken with this
creature that they had their pictures takes with it. This fact may of
course lead to the thought which poses the question: How does one
actually go about getting a Koala Bear which is not a bear at all to
pose with notables? Surely said creatures have better things to do
with their lives than sit in front of exploding flash bulbs.

However. that aside. amongst those who posed with great Koala. were:
Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry, Pope John Paul II, US President
Bill Clinton, Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev. and the list goes on.
Personally. if I had a choice. I’d take Halle Berry over a Koala Bear
that’s not really a bear to begin with any day of the week. But
that’s just me. Perhaps I have rather mundane tastes. Whaddya think?
Yes? No?

Anyway. I think I’ve said all I have to say about the Koala other
than to mention mother and child have yellow and white pave set
diamonds. a lapis lazuli nose. a sapphire eye… mounted in 18 karat
gold and platinum and is valued in today’s market–taking inflation
into account-- somewhere around $10,000. So…

You all know what’s coming. The visit to the image. also known as the
viewing experience. You know where to go. Home page. Scroll down. Left side. Tidbits. Click.
And there for your pleasure will be a picture of The Diamond Koala
Bear Brooch.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week.

Benjamin Mark