[Tidbits] The Designer

Now… I could play this thing again and see if you can get it… or
I can play it straight. Thing of it is… this one would be a tad
tougher. So which will it be? By a show of hands… who wants to try
and guess? Who wants to play it straight and have the answer given to
them at the end of this Tidbits?

You all get a hint. I give you gender identification. She’s a she.

It’s the 1980’s. It’s a bull market. Everybody’s making money. You
can’t hardly let one go without it turning into hard cold cash.
Desirability is directly linked to designer names. A gold heart is
nice. An Elsa Peretti heart is nicer. There is a fashion feeding
frenzy for innovative and bold jewelers. She made her first
collection for Tiffany. It was her debut. She was a hit. Vogue said
she redefined real jewelry in a modern sense.

It was a time when everyone who was anyone wore diamonds. To do
otherwise was surely a tad gauche. Except for her. She took a
different direction. She designed with semi-precious stones. And and
large ones too. She said she like them big. Stones that is. Gemstones
that is. Certain things, dear reader… need clarification. Wouln’t
you agree? Jewelry of her’s had been presented with a 52.62 carat
kunzite and a 284 carat peridot. She was the child of two famous
painters and attributed her flair to this fact. She was brought up
with color and bathed in creativity.

One of her pieces that I very much like is called a Scribble Brooch.
She became a well-respected figure in the world of French fashion.

By now you are probably chomping at the bit and wondering which vote
was the larger by that show of hands I took earlier. There may even
be some skeptics amongst you who are saying balderdash… there was
no show of hands. Those of you who are saying that probably don’t
believe in magic either. This of course is rather sad… for magic is
what makes the world go round. By a show of hands… who thought it
was gravity?

As to our designers name… and the result of the earlier vote…
well… it seems you’ll have to wait till next week. Majority rules
and all that. I personally have had no say in this. I went with the
vote of the crowd. Email me with your thoughts if you like… I’ll
tell you if you were right. Now go… go… look at the brooch. This
chit-chat is over.

For those of you who are new to this thing called Tidbits…may I
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scroll down the left side menu till you get to the area that says
Current Tidbits… and then click on it in order to view our
designer’s Scribble brooch.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

Could it be… Paloma Picasso