[Tidbits] The Collar

What are we talking about here? Is it that thing on your shirt that
is worn about your neck? Hey… you gotta tuck that tie under the
collar buddy. Is it used to describe busy beyond belief? Yo. Don’t
bother me. Can’t you see I’m all collared up? A necklace perhaps? Oh
dearie. That is a pretty little collar you have there. An arrest
maybe? Oh officer. I do say. Are you going to collar that nasty chap
over there?

The choices are endless. The excitement in discovering even more
meanings is dizzying. But for now… for purposes of jewelry and
jewels… let us remain with… the collar around your neck. The big
party is next week. Every one is going to be there. The Duke. The
Duchess. The King. The Queen. Your husband is all set. White shirt.
Tie. Tux. Black socks and shiny shoes and voila.

For you it’s a little different. But you’re prepared. Everything is
back from the cleaners. Especially that pretty little silk blouse you
bought in Paris last month. So nice and frilly with such a cute
little collar. And now the day is upon you. You are bathed and
perfumed. You opened the cleaner’s wrapping… and aieeee! The collar
is discolored and frayed. The idiot burned it with an iron. What to
do what to do?

You have no spare clothing… at least nothing you would be seen dead
wearing in front of the Duchess. Tears are streaming down your
cheeks. Your husband tries to console you. You glare at him. You
don’t want sympathy. You want solution. Do something, you say. Fix
it. He seems helpless… then he suddenly grins at you. Be right
back hunny bunny, he croons. He puts on a pair of jeans and sneakers
and dashes out. He saw something at an antique jewelry store. A Van
Cleef and Arpels doo-dad.

He returns… victorious… box in hand. You open it… hands
atremble. You can not believe your eyes. You rip the collar off the
old blouse. You’re reckless in your haste. Your happiness knows no
bounds. For in that box… a necklace… in 18 karat gold. A lattice
work creation of a collar in imitation of lace adorned with two
flowers bouquets set with brilliant cut diamonds. Once again the day
has been saved by the brilliance of a jeweler. You’ll take care of
the cleaner later. Tonight… the Duchess is going to eat her heart

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karat yellow gold imitation lace collar. Approximate value: 1500

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week.

Benjamin Mark