[Tidbits] The Bulldog

The Bulldog

Well…actually…it should be called The Dog. But the graphic is
that of a bulldog…hence the title. So then…why would one want to
wear a bulldog on one’s lapel…or blouse…or anywhere for that
matter… unless–of course–one owned such a pet. This is the type of
mind boggling question that ensures a road to direct insanity if it
is not answered quickly by one who has the Do we need to
rely on deus ex machina here folks…or is there another avenue?
Ahh…enter one Benjamin Mark of Tyler-Adam Corp fame and a lad of no
mean disposition…to give you the answer.

Over any other animal–I believe the dog has achieved unparalleled
fame in the real and mythological world of humans. As the dog guards
the domestic doors in our lives…so does he guard many doors in
mythology. He guards the secrets of the Underground in some cultures.
He is the Jackal-headed Anubis who attends to Melkarth (the
Phoenician Hercules). He is Cerberus–a Greek three headed beast who
guards the entrance to Hades. The dog is ubiquitous. In England the
spectral black dog presages illness or death. The Aztec god
Xoltl–how do you pronounce that word–god of death and the setting
sun…had a dog’s head.

Halli and Lukki–dogs of Finn mythology–guard Queen Louha of Pohja
and her magical Sampo. Now…I digress…for I’ve never heard of a
Sampo before and I still have no idea what it is. However…if it’s
magical… and if it’s worth guarding by a couple of fierce
dogs…then I want one. I imagine one can never have too many magical
Sampo’s in one’s pantry. Psst…hey buddy…wanna buy a magical Sampo?
I got one left in my bag here and I can let you have it for a
steal…heh heh.

In Africa it is the bringer of fire. For Native Americans…he is the
Trickster in the form of the coyote. Let us not forget the Fox…sly
and cunning creature of lore. For the Chinese…our dog can foretell
the future and has but to strike the ground with his tail to start a
fire. He can transform himself into old men and young women and
scholars. Heck folks…we address and refer to ourselves and others in
“dog” terms. Hey…see that chick? She’s a fox. David!..I haven’t
seen you in years… you old dog you. Don’t trust that guy…he’s a
jackal. On an on it goes. The mother of Romulus and Remus. Werewolves.
Etcetera etcetera etcetera.

In the 1890’s to the 1900’s hatpins were the rage. They came in all
forms. and one of those forms…believe this or not…was that of a
silver Bulldog with red stone eyes…designed by the Unger Brothers.
It is this image I bring you folks…in commemoration of man and
woman’s best friend… the dog.

Well…there it is my friends. For those of you who are new to this
thing called Tidbits…may I direct you to my home page at
www.tyler-adam.com where you will scroll down the table menu till you
get to the box that says Tidbits…and inside the box where it says
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will see a rendering in silver of our beastie of the day.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

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The bulldog is the corporate logo for Mack Trucks.

The Sampo, in Finnish mythology, is the magical mill. It turns out
cornmeal, salt, and gold coins, unsupervised. Just a piece, the
"bright lid", is fought over constantly by all the demigods.

No, really Ben, that’s good rambling.

Dan Woodard, Indian Jewelers Supply Co.