[Tidbits] The Bejeweled Gambling God

Faites vos jeux messieurs/dames … et riens ne va plus! How many of
you have heard that cry at the roulette wheel … and bet … and …
lost? Yeah yeah. Bad stroke of luck. Lousy spin of the wheel. Whaddya
expect pal … the whole thing’s rigged anyway. Psst. Hey. You. Yeah
… you. Wha…? Wanna buy a gamblin’ god? It’s got turquoise in it.
It’s got obsidian. Gold pyrites … all set over a human skull.
Guaranteed to work. Rub his head … place yer bet … take home the
clink. Whaddya say? You in or you out?

We’re at the onset of the first world. The sun of
Earth–Tezcatlipoca- -rules over a race of giants so powerful they
can uproot trees bare- handed. He is the Aztec god of night and all
material things. He is the god of smoking mirror … which gives off
smoke and kills his enemies. He is the god of beauty. He is the god
of war. He is the god of heroes. He is the god of chance.

Okay buddy. How much for the god? And how do I know you ain’t rakin’
me over the coals? Hey hey. Watch who yer talkin’ to, my friend. I
run a legitimate business here. They know me all over the place.
Ask anybody. I tie up the odds. Make everything even/steven. I
guarantee my gods. They work, my fine feathered skeptic. Fifty bucks
is what I usually sell ‘em for. Fifty buck and not a penny less. But
seein’ as how you look like yer in the dumper … I’m gonna give you
a break. Five bucks this one time. Five bucks and not a penny less.
Give me four bucks fifty. Make it four bucks even. 'Cuz I feel bad
for you. 'Cuz it’s my last god. Sold 'em all out more’n an hour ago.
Last one left. It’s here somewhere. Ahh. In my pocket. Here. Wait.
I’ll take off the lint. Got a little mussed up in there. Whaddya
gonna do? Heh heh.

And after the first world … there’s the second creation. And after
the second creation … there’s the third creation. Tezcatlipoca
survives them all. And then there’s a flood. The land is inundated.
Living things … dying all over the place. Familiar theme folks?
Tezcatlipoca helps two humans survive. He hides them in the hollow
of a tree and cares for them till the waters subside. After the
flood … the humans catch some fish and make a fire to cook them.
This is a no-no. Fire is only for the gods. Tezcatlipoca descends.
He reprimands them. He cuts off their heads and places them on their
buttocks … thus creating the first dogs … for those of you who
need to know where dogs come from.

Psst. Hey. You. Yeah … you. Wanna buy a gamblin’ god? Faites vos
jeux messieurs/dames … et riens ne va plus!

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

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