[Tidbits] The Automobile

The Automobile

Germany: 1885. Gottlieb Daimler starts his car. He revs the engine
… does a few circuits around the track … and stops … accident
free. It’s a momentous occasion. The crowds cheer. What an
invention. Ya. Das ist wundebar Herr Daimler. Well done. You are a

Germany: 1885. A man gets into his car. He start her up … revs
the engine … and so begins a public display of his vehicle. So
caught up is he in the excitement of the run … our protagonist
forgets to steer his automobile and subsequently crashes into a
brick wall. His name is Karl Benz.

These two are considered the forerunners of the gasoline engine
auto. They are rivals however. They each forge ahead independently
in their efforts to produce a viable automobile.

Germany 1926. Daimler and Benz merge their companies. A new name is
created. It’s called Mercedes-Benz. Strangely … these two never
meet. And yet their rivalry is bitter. They argue throughout their
lives as to who actually invented the automobile. Nobody wins. They
both win. They are both credited with the pioneering of the car as
we know it today.

America: Prior to 1992. A car is created. It’s a brooch. It’s body
is all platinum. Baguette -cut diamonds delineate the windows.
Round-cut diamonds delineate the wheels. It’s a brooch. Creator:
Unknown. Year of manufactuRe: Unknown. Place of manufacture:
Unknown. It would appear we don’t know too much. Except for the
price: Approximately $2300.00.

Considering the popularity enabled by Mr. Ford some years ago …
and our love for our vehicles … it is a wonder we don’t have more
car brooches. A Mercedes for the upper-crust perhaps. For the cigar
chewing magnate … a Cadillac. College kids out for a romp:
Volkswagen. The rugged Marlborough man: An SUV. Playboy: Mazerati.
For jewelers who like to write little tidbit articles: Roller Skates
will do. Jet powered. Fueled with non-pollutants of course. Let’s
not get mundane here lest we lose our image.

Did I say Happy New Year to all of you? If not … I say it now.

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