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[Tidbits] Teonanacatl



Also known as: Flesh of the Gods , dating back to the Mayan Culture
from 500 B.C. on forward. Some cultures refer to it as: Sons of God.
This is potent stuff folks. You can eat it , pound it to a pulp ,
liquefy it and drink it , make wall paintings depicting it , make
stone statues depicting it , cook with it , and even make jewelry
depicting it in its most splendiferous form.

It can be viewed as a phallic symbol , it can make you see things
that aren’t there. It can make you feel low , it can make you feel
blue. It can put you into a trance , it can make you want to dance ,
it can make you see a fly , it can make you feel you’re high. It’s
been used as an aphrodisiac , it’s been used as a love potion. It’s a
food , it’s a drug , it’s a paradigm for a bejeweled clock , date of
creation unknown.

For the ancient and the not so ancient , for the anachronistically
inclined and for the modern man questing new psychedelic ventures
into the surreal world of yesterday’s medicine man , for today’s
gourmet on his never ending probe into the palate satisfying world
of haute-cuisine , for the random elf or leprechaun needing a rest
from his wearying labors , for the jewelry artist seeking to express
his talents in new and exciting ways , little in this world is as
satisfying on all these fronts as the lowly 'shroom.

Yes ladies and gennulmen , step right up and drink it in. Want a high
, come on by. Follow the old adage when using it for food: When in
doubt , leave it out. How old is the mushroom you may all well ask.

How old is humanity I may well respond.

And the clock? The clock? The clock? Oh , that. Circa 1932 it was I
believe. Made by Cartier in Paris. Le Flamboyant was created. A
Mushroom Clock as it were. In celebration of who knows what. A little
trinket , a gimcrack , for those with a few extra bucks stashed away
in an old sock for the very purposes of purhcasing such a much needed

Made of gold and silver. Set with 1540 brilliants. 1 ruby. 12
emeralds. 230 green tourmalines. 230 iolites. 140 pink tourmalines.
169 citrines. With mother-of-pearl , lapis lazuli , and onyx. Let’s
hear that drumroll. Ta rah rah boom-de-yayyy ,. May I present , for
your viewing enjoyment , that amazing , that amizing , that
astounding and stupendous , the one , the only , the 'shroom of the

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And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week. Benjamin Mark

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