[Tidbits] Tairona Man

You wanna talk jewelry? You wanna talk jewelry? You talkin’ ta me?
You wanna talk jewelry? I’m gonna give you jewelry. I’m gonna give
you jewelry like you ain’t never seen before. I’m gonna show you
skill that’s gonna make your eyes pop and your jaws drop.

Okay. Back to English as it was spoken before texting began raising a
nation of idiots. Hu R U? Huh. I know language goes through its
evolutionary stages but it’s all getting a tad moronic. Even radio
announcers don’t speak English properly anymore. But I digress. I get
crazy sometimes. Please forgive me.

We’re going back to the 10th-16th century in Tairona, Colombia.
Every time I look at something like this that was created by the
indigens of any particular geographical area and era. I wonder why
folks of today like to refer to themselves as extremely talented. I’m
not talking about you or I of course. We would never use language
like that unless it was absolutely true. Would we? I’m askin’ ya.

These people of Tairona of way back then created the most wondrous.
the most complex. the most innovative castings ever made in the
Americas. Would you like a small description of a gold pendant I am
about to show you? Of course you would.

The Taironas emphasized volume and three dimensional form. No flat
plates for them. No swirls that everyone and their mother is
duplicating in their quests for originality. Don’t hold me back
folks. I’m on a podium and I’m on a roll.

This pendant you are about to see is either of a nobleman or of a
chieftain. For identification purposes only. and nothing else…
let’s call him Benny. It is a rather quaint name. don’t you think?
Benny is a rather broad-shouldered chap wearing a humongous headdress
ornamented with complex spirals and braided elements in the

On Benny’s cap. if you look carefully. reside two birds with oversize
beaks. These birds are not all that easy to see. but if you twist
your imagination a tad. and suspend disbelief. they will merge into
the forefront like a pair of ghosts gliding into visibility through
the wispy mists of creativity.

Under Benny’s painstakingly accurate minute nose and ear ornaments
there resides a meticulously formed labret in the lower lip. All
these are comparable to the full-sized examples found in Tairona
tombs. A teeny tiny chieftain for a teeny tiny tombette I suppose.
Except. let us not forget. this a gold casting of a pendant created
between four hundred and a thousand years ago … without any of the
doo-dads we have available today. Hey chief … you want make
pendant. I have Matrix and laptop. Wha…

Well. there it is. My little diatribe for the week. So. who out there
would like to see gold casting of a pendant of a Tairona Chief
wearing a headdress without equal? You? Or you? Or maybe you? So the
go. You do know where. My home page: http://www.tyler-adam.com.
Scroll down. Left side menu. Current Tidbits. Click. And there will
be Benny in all his glory. Hurry hurry. Benny can’t wait.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week. Benjamin Mark