[Tidbits] Swimmin' wid da Fishies

Before I show you my fish of gold with coral I have some facts I have
an overwhelming need to share. Ready?

The white shark’s teeth rank in hardness with steel. It can survive
brain damage better than any animal in the world. (This of course
precludes humans–may of whom seem to get along quite well with
enormous amounts of cerebral damage inflicted upon them through the
years.) Move over Thoreau. I’m pitching a tent near the pond. White
sharks also never get sick. And they’re completely immune to cancer.

Most tropical marine fish could survive in a tank filled with blood.
Who discovers these phenomena? And how? And why? I can see Peter
Lorre now… holding a fish up by its tail … grinning that grin of
his… a light bulb suddenly turning itself on over his head…
Hello Rick. You want to hear my idea ?..

Did you know that minnows have teeth in their throat? This of course
brings to mind the prohibitive aspects of minnow to minnow relations.
I’m telling you one last time Harry… I’m not doing that. But if you
want to take your chances…

A marine catfish can taste with any part of its body. Whaddya mean
you can’t taste garlic? Stick it in your rear brings new meaning to

Sturgeon: Kosher or non kosher fish? Answer to this is fascinating.
Email me your thoughts and I’ll let you know next week. No peeking on
the internet. That would be cheating.

Goldfish were the earliest breed of fish to be domesticated. In the
1620’s they were considered to bring good luck. Their colors can
change by varying the specturm of light under which they are kept.
Keep it in the dark long enough… and it will lose all its color.
Optimally… they can live for more than 20 years. The record is 49
years… which brings to mind the question: Who could possibly have
lived with a goldfish for 49 years and kept tally of time elapsed?
These are the puzzling questions that nag at my thoughts while most
of you are busy enjoying life.

And now… for the seque of the century… I bring you an image of
18k rose and yellow gold goldfish with a bit of coral jutting out of
its head. If there is significance to this… it totally escapes me.
Perhaps you… the reader… will have a ready answer which you would
like to share with me. If so… feel free.

This piece is signed M. Buccellati… a jeweler dating back to the
begininng of the century whose sons continue today in his tradition
of excellence.

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of a goldfish made of gold and coral.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark