[Tidbits] Strigils

I am tempted to add and a partridge in a pear tree but I would never
ever do that lest someone out there begins to think I am mocking the
worthy Strigil.

Strigil. Did I say Strigil which rhymes with giggle whilst thou
eatest a pickle… Oh oh. These tangents are killing me. But still.
I wonder. who out there knows what a Strigil is? This is not exactly
jewelry. but it is made of silver. and it is hand wrought and so by
Jove. I’m calling it jewelry. As to what it is. I will describe it by
its usage.

You’ve been out plowing the fields. or galumphing through the
grasses. or participating in a particularly strenuous orgy. and
you’re now home. dirty and sweaty. and you need a thorough cleansing.
But there is no soap because soap has not yet been invented. And so.
the trusty Strigil. Whether you use it on yourself or whether you
have a servant use it on you is–as it is today–a matter of wealth
and preference. Personally… regardless of my status and financial
position in this world … I would prefer to Strigil my body myself.
Your penchants might lead you in different directions.

Strigils date back to Roman times. mid 1st century B. C. They were
used by athletes who had rubbed their bodies with oil prior to
strenuous activities. They were used by farmers to help wipe of the
dirt which had accumulated on their bods in the course of a day’s
labors. They were used by one and all who sweated and had to get the
stuff off.

Here’s how it worked. The curved end–called the blade–was the
scraper. The whole thing was a bit less than a foot long. One grabbed
the device by the handle–or one’s servant did the grabbing–and then
one scraped the curved end along the skin. thusly and hopefully
removing all the dirt and grime. leaving one’s body probably stinking
to high hell but giving the owner the impression that he or she had
done a great job of cleansing. It wasn’t Ivory soap or Lifebuoy
(anybody remember that one)… but with a little splash of essence of
Attar. I’m sure the illusion was passable.

So. jewelry… not jewelry. bah. What matter. It’s silver. Wear it
around your neck and as it reaches down to your belly-button you can
tell everyone Benjamitus–the court jeweler–made it special for you.
Decorative you might add with your nose held high for more reasons
than one. and utilitarian too. And then you could strut away with
great pride. your Strigils clanking across your chest. letting the
world stare at you with envy. wishing they had a pair of Strigils
such as the ones you were brandishing.

Quick, you hear someone mutter. Let us get ourselves post-haste to
the atelier of Benjamitus- the-jewelry-guy and see if he can make us
some Strigils. I’ll have mine in copper. I want mine in gold.
Benjamitus. can you stud mine with diamonds? And thusly the stampede
began… and Benjamitus rose to fame. promising one and all that he.
or one of his descendants. would write about the momentous Strigil
events for each and all to read. He clearly kneweth from whence he

Now go. It is time. Go. Look. You know where. www.tyler-adam.com.
Scroll down. Left side. Tidbits. Click. And Strigil away.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark


Thank you for this enlightening article. I never knew I needed a

Blessings, MA

Sounds like something I would rather use on a massage table than in
place of a shower. I would also like to order a servant right away as
well, if you don’t mind.