[Tidbits] Son of Rhea

Okay. Don’t look him up. I have a magnificent brooch in his image.
I’ll tell you about him. you tell me if you are able to guess who he
is before the end. As usual. I will do my best to be as obscure as
possible. though I tend to doubt that in this instance I will be
successful. So. shall we commence.

But first. a disclaimer. Though this piece of jewelry in the form of
a brooch is gorgeous. it has no markings to identify from whence it
came or the artist who created it. One thing for sure. he was one
talented jeweler. And the brooch is drop-dead gorgeous. And now. to
our subject.

Of the many deeds he was most famous for. or infamous for … some of
the most prominent were his erotic escapades. He did not discriminate
between male and female. He like them all. Some of his offspring
were: Helen of Troy. Artemis. Heracles and others. He was respected
as an allfather. the head of his clan as it were. assigning all those
beneath him to their roles. Even those who were not his children–of
whom there were many–addressed him as Father. All of his kind rose
in his presence. The symbols which represented him were the Bull, the
Oak, the Eagle, and the Thunderbolt. This last one may be a tad
reminiscent of Captain Marvel–aka Billy Batson–if any of you
remember him. Shazam anyone?

He is most frequently represented by the artists of his day in one of
two poses. Standing and striding forward with a thunderbolt leveled
in his raised right hand. or seated in majesty. He was a powerful and
respected dude. His name is derived from the Indo-European name for
god. re: Dyaus. There are other variant spellings. but for the moment
you only get one.

Now here’s the thing of it. His father. it was foretold… would one
day be overthrown by his son. In order to avert this unpleasantness.
dad decided to swallow each and every one of his children whole only
scant moments after their birth. His mother decided to save this last
child of hers. and so she handed his father a rock wrapped in
swaddling clothes which the old bugger promptly swallowed whole
without being any the wiser. Yes. well… those were incredible times
when incredible deeds were performed.

While the child was being raised. in order to prevent him from being
found by his father who ruled the Earth, the heavens, and the sea.
his nursemaid hid him by dangling him on a rope from a tree so that
he was now suspended between the earth and the sea. and therefore
invisible to his dad. Oh… they were crafty way back then.

When our protagonist grew up. he began to dilly-dally with his sister
in a most sinful way and they produced a few offspring of their own.
Once a dilly-dallyer always a dilly-dallyer I always say. Of course.
he also dallied elsewhere when away from his sister. which made her
jealous. She didn’t appreciate ol’ bro futzing around all the time
… and when she discovered that a nymph named Echo had been hired by
her sibling to distract her while he was gallivanting and cavorting
through the meadows. she cursed Echo to forever repeat the words
spoken by others. It’s a concept of punishment we don’t use today.
How much prattle can we listen to?

Well. I don’t want to get too boring. How many of you know who he is?
If you haven’t guessed. Dyaus… also Dieus was actually Zeus. god of
the gods on Mount Olympus. As to the brooch. it’s magnificent. It has
thunderbolts. it has what look to be turquoise. and it’s yellow metal
costume jewelry about 3 inches big and worth something in the
vicinity of $375.00.

So there it is.

You know the rest. The visit to the image. also known as the viewing
experience. You know where. Home page. http://www.tyler-adam.com.
Scroll down. Left side. [Tidbits]. Click. And there for your sensory
optic pleasure you will see a rhinestone brooch of Zeus himself.
thunderbolts and all.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week.

Benjamin Mark