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[Tidbits] Slippers and Shoes and Extravagant Jewels

Slippers and Shoes and Extravagant Jewels.

Listen … I’m the first to believe a little extravagance is a good
thing. But even a good thing can at times be elevated to the
ridiculous. In this spirit … I bring you a tale of a shoe.

Many great jewels were worn by many great stars at the recent
Academy Awards … the Grammys … and the Golden Globes. I have a
picture of a pair of platinum stilettoes set with diamonds and worn
by Laura Harding of Mulholland Drive. They are valued at $1 million
dollars. One million smackeroos folks … for a pair of shoes.

To be sure … the superstitions behind shoes are vast … and it is
perhaps no wonder that so much importance can be placed on footwear.
After all … as an example … in the life of Cinderella … a
shoe–or glass slipper–held a position of great importance as it
related to her destiny.

Want your wish granted? Just make it while lacing someone else’s
shoe. Hobble around with only one shoe … a relative will die. In
some places it is believed that if shoes squeak … the owner never
paid for them. The superstitions go on … and one begins to think
that perhaps diamond and platinum shoes are not such a bad idea
after all.

To keep death away … turn one shoe upside down and place it on the
threshold of the front door. Burn an old shoe in the fireplace …
and your house is guarded against epidemics. Toss shoes in the air
… drive away hail. I wonder if there’s a way to ensure the winning
of awards. Perhaps diamond and platinum stilettoes will do it.

If you’ve been unlucky enough in your life to have never been given
a pair of shoes as a gift … you are destined to wander forever in
purgatory barefoot. You’re a man. You’re getting married. You want
to establish yourself as head of the family and possessor of your
bride. What do you do? You put one of her shoes at the foot of your
bed on your wedding night. Alas … there’s a glitch here folks. If
… before you do this … your new bride takes your shoes off for
you on this same night … it is she who will wear the pants in the
family … and nothing you can do will change it.

The myths and superstitions about shoes are more vast than I would
have ever imagined. And so I wonder … are diamond and platinum
shoes truly an outrageous extravagance … or are they simply an
elegant manifestation of the superstitious beliefs that still live
in the hidden crannies of our souls.

And the answer is … Extravagance! I mean … diamond and platinum
shoes? Give me a break.

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And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week. Benjamin Mark

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