[Tidbits] Skull

No Viagra on hand. No Cialis on hand. No problem. Take the moss from
inside the skull of a murdered man… eat it… and voila. Love
potion number nine. Who can ask for anything more?

Most of us think… I think… that the skull is associated with
Blackbeard and other great pirates of old. But nay nay. T’ain’t so
dear lads and lassies. In Norse mythology… the heavens were
believed to be constructed from the skull of the giant Ymir.

On Easter Island sacred caverns were placed under the guardianship of
a multitude of skulls. In the seventeenth century… the practice was
acquired of using the skulls of one’s enemies as drinking cups.

Among other groups… drinking human blood from the skulls of those
that had been conquered ensured the acquisition of the strength of
the defeated warrior.

In Cologne… the skulls of eleven thousand holy virgins were placed
on display for all to see. I–personally–have trouble believing in
the existence of eleven thousand virgins all existing in the same
time and place… never mind them all being holy too. Of course…
age is not mentioned here… and if children were included in this
tally… well then… we’re in another frame of reference altogether
which would lead to an entirely different kind of discussion

In ancient burial grounds the skulls of the dearly departed were
turned to face the mythical land of the dead.

In Borneo… headhunters often used the skulls of their enemies as
pillow. At this point I would like to segue slightly and state with
whole-heartedness that I hope their enemies were geese. I make this
statement solely on the fact that I like soft pillows.

Anyone out there ever hear of “The Spirit of the Human Skull”? Yes…
well… this was an elixir made from the unburied skull of a
criminal. It was used to cure epilepsy. Probably scared the crap out
of the patient who was then too frightened to ever have a fit again.

And so we come to the big answer to the question: Is there a
bejeweled skull out there on the horizon for all of us to see. And
the answer is: Oh, but of course there is. Did you doubt it for a

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Benjamin Mark