[TIDBITS] Shining Dawn

Shining Dawn

Au…the symbol for gold…is derived from the Latin word for
“shining dawn.” From prehistory to the 18th century–when Au was
introduced–the symbol for gold was represented by the symbol
for the sun. And from prehistory to the present, man has not
found a substitute for a measure of value to replace gold.

Folks, as you read these incredibly precious morsels of wisdom,
as you eat your meals and love your mates and sleep and toil at
your labors, as all this is happening, a spaceship is hurtling
through space, much as the Enterprise did when manned by dear
old Captain Kirk and his crew. It will take this spaceship
roughly 80,000 years to reach our nearest star, and it will take
roughly ten billion years for the spaceship to enter into the
solar system of that star. And on this ship is a plaque, six by
nine inches, and engraved on this plaque are the figures of a man
and a woman and scientific figures enabling recipients of this
plaque to hopefully understand that this missive is from planet
Earth, and there are live and intelligent thinking entities
living here. Now then folks, by a show of hands, how many of you
know what material the plaque is made of? For those of you who
guessed “gold”…you got it right.

Gold is immune to corruption and yet it has caused wars and
killings and feuds while at the same time has symbolized the
eternal bond between man and woman. Men and women have died for
it while sifting for it for the rulers of ancient Egypt. It is
the first element mentioned in the bible and is then referenced
again over four hundred times. Artisans toil over it and create
masterpieces. Governments use it to guarantee money. Women wear
it as status symbols. And people glean it to gain power.

Gold is the image of solar light. In Hinduism it represents
divine intelligence. In Ancient Greece, it was often a symbol of
evil. Imagine folks, the power of this metal over the eons. It’s
incredible if you think about it. Shakespeare and Virgil wrote
about it. In the name of God, priests over the centuries coveted
golden offerings as evidence of devotion.

Counterfeiters in medieval Russia, when caught, were punished by
having molten gold poured down their throats. And in this
country, in present times, gold is craved to such a passionate
degree by the populace, that the Home Shopping networks, in a
stroke of pure altruism, have made it available to the public
via the quintessential medium of television. And let us not
forget folks…let us not forget the Internet, which boldly goes
forth where no man has gone before, or few men anyway…let us
not forget the Internet…and those pioneering companies–oh this
is so embarrassing–those pioneering companies like Tyler-Adam
Corp.–who are presently doing their share to bring this much
coveted mineral to all of you who crave, nay, need, nay, deserve
to own this metal of the gods.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.

Take care,
Benjamin Mark

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