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[tidbits] sebek


The sun rises. Out of the Ancient Egyptian marshes, a god crawls
to dry himself in the sun before he begins to plunder the fields
and kill whatever and whoever crosses his path. He is the
personification of all that is evil. He is the personification of
death. He is a feared and most destructive beast, for whom murder
is a whim to be satisfied at will. He is a great god, and worshiped
devoutly by the people inhabiting the region near Thebes. He is
Sebek, the Crocodile God.

Now then, some of you might be thinking…or even saying out loud
to your neighbors and anyone else who might be listening…hey,
what’s this got to do with jewelry, or gems, or gold, or any of
that stuff? For those of you I say, hang on to you booties and I’ll
tell you. And though I may extrapolate some, the essence of my
tale is true.

Perhaps, in those days, somewhere near lake Moeris near Thebes,
there was a smithy working his tail off, trying to satisfy the
needs of the Pharaohs, creating for them images of their gods in
gold and lapis and carnelian and more. For the Egyptian of that
ancient life worshiped many animals, from the tortoise to the dung
beetle, to the hawk and the snake, and of course, the crocodile.
However, surely, off in a corner of that world somewhere, was a
specialist. A jeweler supreme, who made trinkets not for man, but
for the gods themselves. He might have been called Tyler-Tet for
all I know. Or Adam-Ra. I have no way of looking these things up.
On a whim, and for no other reason than a whim, I assure you, let’s
call our jeweler Tyler Adam, or T.A., for short.

Here’s what T.A. probably did while everyone in the town was
asleep, hoping that Sebek would not plunder the following morning,
before they fed him. T.A. would work all night, creating crystals,
and gold earrings, and bracelets which the populace would then
place in Sebek’s ears, and on his fore paws. Naturally, our gold
was never adorned with any of these trinkets before being fed. The
Egyptians may have been fanatical, but the weren’t dumb.

Okay. That’s my tale. But two things occur to me. The first is
this: What if some of you want to own your own pet crocodile, with
which to adorn with fine jewelry which you’ve recently purchased
from your on-line jeweler. How, and what, does one feed the beast.
For you I pass on this info, with no responsibility for errors
attached. After you’ve purchased your own little Sebek, mix some
honey with bread and milk and meat, and pour the mixture down
Sebek’s gullet. Watch out for your fingers, of course. The second
is this: Some of you might want to see what Sebek looks like. To
you I say, To my home page, with alacrity…you know the rest.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.

Take care,
Benjamin Mark

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