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[TIDBITS] Scythian Jewels

Scythian Jewels

The battle lines are drawn. Arms are at the ready. Scythians
here… Persians over there. The moment is tense. There’s going
to be a killing or two here folks. But wait. Wait. A rabbit hops
across the field. A Scythian soldier breaks rank and hunts it
down. He struts back…holding the rabbit up for all to see. A
soft murmur of approval emanates from his fellow soldiers. After
the skirmish, there’ll be roasted rabbit. Okay…now we can

Hippocrates…Greek writer…on one of his voyages, described
one certain nomadic tribe as being fat and lazy and wanting to do
nothing more than eat and dance to the music of their drums and
flutes. He also said they looked like eunuchs and were, for a
great part, sexually impotent. He was, of course, describing the
Scythians…one of the most feared tribes of the day, militarily
speaking. They were superb horsemen, and instilled fear into the
hearts of those they invaded. Anyway Hippo, if what you say is
true, how did they get to be so many? Hmmm?

The Scythians warred and looted and took and took…and became
wealthy. That, by the way my friends, was how it was done in
them thar days. Nothing like today…right? You know that old
adage about not being able to take it with you. Well, the
Scythians didn’t believe in that. They thought you could take it
with you, and they tried. And the proof lies in the fact that the
wealth of the Scythians can be attested to by their graves.
Theirs were the richest burial grounds of Southern Russia.

What they couldn’t loot and steal, they bartered for. I’m not
sure if there were good at bartering because they were insanely
clever, or if they were good at it because the victim either
accepted the barter or got his throat cut. I’ll give you an
example…you make up your own minds. Psst. Hey. You. Yeah, you.
Listen. I got a deal for you, you won’t believe. See this sack
here. It full of grain. It’s yours. All you have to do is give me
that gold statue over there. Fair trade, no?

Yeah, well, so what? Scythians Shmythian. Who cares? Right?
Actually, I agree. Except for one thing. They left behind some
breathtaking works of art in gold and silver jewelry and
sculpture. And when it comes to art and beauty…well…what else
does man leave behind? Nothing wrong with art and beauty for its
own sake.

So then Benjamin…you just going to ramble on? Or are you going
to show us something. I mean, after all, we read this don’t we?
How about a little reward there fella. Oh…okay folks. To my
home page. Scroll down. You know where. Tidbits images. And click
for the Dancing Nomad.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.

Take care,
Benjamin Mark

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