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[Tidbits] Rooster


Animal jewelry predominates all forms. The unusual attracts. Mars
loves Venus. Why does a cock crow at dawn? Whilst in the midst of his
tryst with Venus…Mars asks Alektraon (Greek word for Rooster) to
keep watch. Alas…Alektraon falls asleep on the job…and Vulcan,

Venus’ husband, returns to catch Mars unawares. Mars…a tad ticked
off at the turn of events…punishes Alektraon by turning him into a
cock and forcing him to crow–in ever vigil and into eternity–at the
coming dawn.

David Webb has created some beautiful animal jewelry…not the least
of which is a set of Rooster cufflinks and studs. I will show you one
cufflink, the other and the studs all match. 18 karat textured
yellow gold with

translucent enamel of red and green and blue.

As to why would one use a rooster as a model for jewelry…the
reasons abound me lads and lassies. The rooster is the preeminent
symbol of strutting masculinity. For those of you who need
confirmation because

the simple wisdoms imparted on these pages just won’t suffice…let
me present you with this little tidbit. The rooster’s alternate name
remains the most commonly used term in our language for a man’s
manhood. Oh, she titters while hiding her glance behind a fluttering
fan…I hear he has a rather effective rooster. Well…maybe not
rooster. But I rest my case.

For the Chinese…aside from its original purpose of heralding the
dawn… the rooster’s natural aggression was one of a symbol of war.
For some… it is a vigilant sentry…standing strong atop a
weathervane…turning in all directions as it watches for evil during
the night hours.

How often has the ghost of a dead man come in the dark hours of
night to visit the bed of his lover as she lay in sweet and
unsuspecting slumber? It happens all the time, folks. It is the
cock’s crow however…that chases the ghost away at the break of
day…allowing her to resume her earthly pursuits.

As to more pragmatic uses for our little critter…in Libya…it is
said that the cock’s crow was so powerful that travelers would carry
them around under their arms in order to frighten away lions and
lizards and serpents and dragons. In Mexico they are sacrificed to
the sun. In Scotland…its blood was mixed into cake and fed to
invalids. In Germany…the rooster’s heart and head and right foot
was hidden in the house in order to avoid illness and bad luck.

Should a cock crow at midnight…beware…the angel of death is on
its way. Sad to say…to this very day our creature is used for
entertainment around the world as money crosses palms in heavy
betting on cock fights. And last but not least…traditionally
speaking…the comb of a rooster as a symbol of courage is rivaled
only by the mane of a lion.

For those of you who are new to this thing called Tidbits…may I
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scroll down the left side menu till you get to the area that says
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will see a graphic of our macho struttin’ critter.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week. Benjamin Mark

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