[Tidbits] Race Horses

And the race is on. Toboggan is in the lead followed by Fairway and
Cri de Guerre in third. The jockeys are whipping their flanks in a
frenzy. C’mon Fairway… move yer bloody arse. Okay… I borrowed
that one. Never mind. They’re rounding the first turn. The crowds are

Fairway is two to one. Cri de Guerre is a 50 to 1 long shot. Toboggan
is even money. C’mon baby. Mama needs a new car… and some bling
bling from Tyler Adam. Now it’s Fairway in the lead with Cri de
Guerre coming in second and Toboggan slipping into third. Whaddya
got? Fifty bucks on Cri de Guerre? Holy crapola.

It’s Fairway around the second turn. Cri de Guerre is on the outside.
I promise you God… you bring in Cri de Guerre and I’ll never ever
tell another lie. Baby needs shoes. Papa needs a Caddy. Cri de Guerre
is closing the gap. He’s taking the lead. It’s Cri de Guerre and
Fairway. It’s Fairway and Cri de Guerre. Toboggan is slipping. Best
he can hope for is third.

Please God. Please please God. C’mon Cri de Guerre! Around the final
turn and into the stretch. It’s Fairway now. It’s Fairway. Cri de
Guerre is pushing. Jockeys in their stirrups… rumps to the wind.
They’re straining. It’s Fairway… it’s Cri de Guerre. It’s Cri de
Guerre. They’re coming to the finish line. Fairway. Cri de Guerre.
Cri de Guerre. Fairway. Please please please please please. And then
… the crowds roar. They’re throwing their hats in the air. It’s
Cri de Guerre by a nose. I had a hundred bucks on the filly. I had

And so once upon a time–in commemoration perhaps–a jeweler sat at
his bench and made a bracelet with a black onyx panel and the names
of the three race horses pave’d with diamonds all attached to a
black onyx tube and boule link bracelet with black onyx buckle
spacers. It’s an art deco hoot made in circa 1925 and valued at
17,000 smackeroos. Wanna see?

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark