[Tidbits] Pewter Rabbit

Once upon a time there was born to a family of extremely prolific
rabbits a little bunny with terrible eyesight. His name was Pewter
Rabbit. Oh Pewter Pewter Pewter, said his mother one day when her
dear little son bumped his way blindly into the derri=E8re of an
unsuspecting fox barely escaping with his life.

Pewter’s life was a living hell. It was not enough that he risked
life and limb while venturing out into the great world … he was
also regularly mocked by his other sister and brother bunnies who
kept picking on him and calling him things like: Blindo and anything
else that came into their empty bunny-heads. You see … so far
bunnies had not yet reached the high levels of civilization and
cultural superiority that had been benevolently bestowed upon human
beings … and had not yet conceived of the notion of strapping
bombs to their chests and blowing undesirables up along with
themselves out of nothing more than hatred. If they had … that
would surely have contributed greatly to controlling their ever
growing population born of a lascivious nature they were unable to
restrainl. In this last respect–let it be noted–rabbits were not
that far way from humans as some might suspect.

We just must get you glasses, Pewter’s mother said one day while
witnessing his distress.

Which she promptly did after explaining to Hare Doctor that her sweet
little Pewter very often found himself in precarious situations while
visiting farmer Gray’s vegetable patch. He was only trying to steal a
few carrots, Pewter’s mother would say to Hare Doctor. Yah yah Frau
Rabbit, Hare Doctor would say. We will fix this immediately. Pewter
merely needs some glasses. And so … through the modern miracle of
medicine … Pewter got himself a pair of specs. He could now see
clearly … and there was talk around the patch that he was
considering Lasix surgery soon. But that was only rumor.

History has taken kindly to Pewter’s dilemma … and a company by
the name of J.J. – back around 1950 – made a pewter pendant of him
with moveable goldtone spectacles. Is there no end, I wonder, to the
munificence of mankind?

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And there ya have it.
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Benjamin Mark

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