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[Tidbits] Pan

Son of Hermes … born with legs, horns, and beard of a goat. When he
wasn’t playing music on pipes cut from reeds or chasing that nymph
named Echo with whom he was in lust … he amused hismelf by
inducing in travelers terror without apparent cause … thus the
birth of the word Panic. So … when you feel it folks … it’s that
devlish little god named Pan that’s causing it.

Enrico Serafini … born in Florence in 1913 … goldmith’s
apprentice in his youth … opened workshop in Piazza Santa Felicita
in 1947 … and quickly made his reputation in Florence and abroad.
His clients were counted among the world’s elite.

Pan had other names … yes he did he did. He is a universal god …
and has morphed over the years to become among other things … a
beloved character by children … an icon in fact representing the
never disappearing element of youth in all of us … a cute little
fellow in fact by the name of Peter Pan … in whom some of the
strangeness of the original god still lives.

Among Enrico Seafini’s clients weRe: John Steinbeck … Adlai
Stevenson … Marquis Emilio Pucci and other rarified names that
exist in circles in which I will never travel.

As the tale goes … it is believed that a vision of Pan was seen in
the Princes Street Gardens of Edinburgh in 1960 which led to the
creation of the New Age Findhorn Copmmunity in the North of
Scotland. Not too sure what this connection means … but there is
it. A fact worth nothing perhaps … but a fact none the less. And
last but least least … there is that other and most famous name
under which Pan was worshipped. We are in Asia Minor … and the
populace venerates our little goat-man-god … under the name
Priapus. Methinks the more things change … the more they remain
the same … for I have heard that in certain circcles he is still
somewhat worshipped under that name.

Enrico Serafini … imginative craftsman supreme–creator of jewels
characterized by great plasticity … sculptor in gold of wondrous
flowers and animals and even a Flutist God name Pan … seated and
playing his pipes … his gold body randomly set with round diamonds
… with foliage cut from an emerald–was a talent that made his mark
in the world of jewelry.

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark