[Tidbits] Pahlavi Crown

Once upon a time, when Iran was Persia, Reza Shah the Great decided
he would not use on his coronation the Kiani Crown which belonged to
the Qajar Kings.

Once upon a time in the year 1925 when Iran was Persia there lived in
the land a Caucasian jeweler of great repute who had immigrated and
who went by the name of Sarajeddin.

It was he who was chosen by Reza Shah the Great to superintend a body
of famous Persian goldsmiths which had been commissioned to make a
new crown to be formed from the selected gems of the Treasury.

Theory has it that Sarajeddin was inspired in the making of the crown
by the crowns of the Sassanian Kings (226-651 A.D.).

H.I.M.(His Imperial Majesty)Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi Aryamehr wore
this crown for his coronation. The total weight of the crown was/is:
2080 grams. Oh heavy is the head that wears the crown… yada yada

A quick parenthetical aside… a segue if you will: It was that Reza
Shah Pahlavi issued a decree on 21 March 1935 asking foreign
delegates to use the term Iran in formal correspondence. The
motivation behind the word “Iran” its link to Hilter and the “Aryan”
race is for another time. And now… to un-segue… to return to

This–oh thee what is interested in all things bejeweled–is not your
typical looking crown with all pointy thingees resting on a royal
pate. Nay nay. This is a tad beyond description and a must see for
intricacy of design.

Some facts before you go leaping in headlong flight to the viewing
room. The crown contains the following:

Diamonds–3380 pieces weighing 1144 carats.
Emeralds–5 pieces weighing 199 carats.
Sapphires–2 pieces weighing 19 carats.
Pearls 368 pieces.

Clearly… this ain’t no baseball cap.

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Benjamin Mark