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[Tidbits] Opaline Biblical Matrix Elder

Matrix: Etymologically speaking: Uterus. Place or medium of
production. To extrapolate a tad: Matron. Matron/Matrix. Yeah yeah.
It’s a stretch . I know.

As far as Random House is concerned: That which gives origin or form
to a thing. That said … shall we proceed dear souls?

It ain’t never no accident–for thems wot enjoys decimating the
English language for the sheer delight of it all–when a man sits
himself down and decides one day to become a jeweler and then rises
to heights most never achieve.

And so I present Mr. Pierre Sterl=E9 … born in Alsace, France, in
1905: A jeweler who first opened his business in 1934 on Rue Sainte

Other than the above … my knowledge of the man occupies about as
much space as does a fleck of dust as it meanders about in the
center of the universe in search of fellow flecks … except, that
is, for a creation of his which I find rather striking.

Which brings us–via arcane routings–to that most puzzling of
questions: What is a Biblical Elder? Is it someone who has aged
whilst slumped over one or both of the world’s great books … aging
aging till his beard reached his chest all the while trying to
divine the meaning of each word and nuance of old and new testaments?
Or is it just a man … who lived during those ancient historical
times … and aged during the great writings? Or … is a Biblical
Elder an important personage mentioned in one of the great tomes …
a patriarch of sorts … a man who brought enlightenment to his
people. Or does Biblical Elder refer not to one who is in the bible
… but to one who has been left out? Or is he all four? Or is he
none of the above? Methinks we live in a world of too many choices.
You look at the image you’re soon to look at … and you tell me.

And so we arrive–quaintly enough–to our biblical matrix elder …
carved from an opal by a talented jeweler named Sterl=E9. It’s a
looker my friends. Bearded bloke. Golden rope work collar.
Head-dress with flexible angel-string (fil d’ange) tassel. Could be
anybody. Who do You think it is?

For those of you who are new to this thing called Tidbits…may I
direct you to my home page at where you will
scroll down the left side menu till you get to the area that says
Tidbits Graphics … and then click on the link that says: MatrixMan
… in order to view a carved opal of a Biblical Elder.

Benjamin Mark