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[Tidbits] Nubian: An ancient Egyptian word for gold

A Nubian tracker squats to peer carefully at the footprints in the
desert sand. He can tell if the tracks belong to a man or a woman. He
can tell if the woman is pregnant. He can tell if the tracks belong
to a child. He can tell if the child is a boy or a girl. The Nubians
are the only trackers in the world that can do this. The mysteries of
these tracks appear only to him. It is said the Nubians are the best
trackers in the world.

And so it is–as with the footprints in the sand that reveal nothing
to those that can not see–that I wonder about a pendant of what
appears to be a Nubian Prince or Princess… formed in sculpted onyx
mounted in open work yellow and white embossed gold with rubies and
diamonds and emeralds. Necklace and earrings of tiny pearls. It’s
turban set with a dark red cabochon garnet and a carnelian intaglio
below which is inscribed–it is said–with the words: J’aime la
Libert=e. Circa 19th century. Is it a Nubian or is it not?

I digress fractionally for a disclamer. I asked this of someone I
know who had visited a Nubian village in Egypt: Did you see any of
them wear turbans? I said. She said, no. I said I was not happy to
hear that in light of the fact that the person depicted in my golden
pendant was definitely wearing a turban. And so she said yes… yes…
as a matter of fact she did see some of them wearing turbans. She
"most definitely" did. This of course was a kind and generous
acquiescence on her part to my transparent need to find a definite
identity for the star of this tale. She did not want to let me
flounder. In return… I decided to take her statement at face
value–I did not want to let her think she had failed in her attempt
at soothing what might easily have become a ravaged soul-- and I
concluded that my pendant is “most defintely” a Nubian. And I had
better not hear any contradictions in this matter.

And so I continue…

It’s a fascinating piece… image too small to show great detail…
as fascinating as the Nubians of Egypt themselves who hold firm to
the adherence of preserving the purity of their race by allowing no
intermarriage of their children outside of those of common descent.

As to the cost of this pendant… as of 2002 it was worth around 7000
Euros which is a tad over $9820 U.S. in today’s market. Do I see any
buyers. Going once. Going twice. Sold! the masked wascal on the
white horse. Hyo…

You wanna see?

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our pages an image of what might well be the depiction of a Nubian
Prince… or Princess. Hard to tell with all that clothing.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark