[Tidbits] Most Famous and Bejeweled

Most Famous and Bejeweled

She came into the world in 1958. I don’t have the exact date .This
year she turned forty-five. Her name is easily one of the most
recognizable on earth. I will try to keep her identity a secret till
the end. No peeking. No jumping ahead. Ready?

Shall we start with her vital statistics. Using American forms of
measurements … she stands 5 foot 6 inches tall. She weighs 110
pounds. She has a 39 inch bust and a 33 inch waist. She began
collecting jewelry at a late age. The year was 1979. She was 21
years old.

There was once … in Germany … a sex doll which was sold to men
for their enjoyment. Its name was Lilli. Those who know these
things–and don’t ask me how they know or where they get their
from–but those who know these things swear that our
personality had a figure that remarkably matched that of Lilli’s.
All I can say is that Lilli must have been some dish … because
personally … I would have preferred Marilyn Monroe, or Bridget
Bardot, or any of the other many gorgeous bods that tripped the light
fantastic across the silver screen.

In 1984 … at the age of 26 … our personality created famous the
slogan: “We girls can do anything”. This was around the same time
that Geraldine Ferraro made a bid for Vice President of the United

Her collections of jewelry grew over the years. They were always
made public … great fanfare amongst those in the know accompanied
each new collection. She recently had a jewelry showing in Thailand.
While the combined value of the diamond jewelry she wore was not
all that astronomical --a mere $20,000 or so–the 20 percent of the
proceeds generated by the event were donated to the Children’s

Aside from jewelry … our personality … herself clearly
symbolizing one of the last words in fashion … modeled gowns and
dresses and various outfits made of silks and cottons and other
fabrics local to the area.

Okay … I’m done with the mystery part. Anyone out there know who
our personality is? Yes? Good for you. You have outstanding
knowledge of inane and unimportant facts … and perhaps you have
more idle time on your hands than is healthy. For those of you have
no clue … you are clearly productive members of society and are to
be lauded for your industrious natures.

And now ladies and gentlemen … may I introduce … with a few
explanations to follow … Barbie … that doll of fame. As to the
explanations … there are two and they are as follows. First …
Barbie’s figure was indeed modeled after the figure of the
aforementioned Lilli … and second … her measurements were
extrapolated by an equation that translated her doll measurements to
human measurements. So there it is. All you ever wanted to know
about dolls and their jewels and diamonds. As to her fame … it
stands up to the greatest of tests. Ask any man to name a doll …
and they will all say Barbie. They don’t know of any other names.
They may never have played with dolls … yet they all know Barbie.

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And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week. Benjamin Mark

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