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[Tidbits] Most Beautiful Woman Giving Birth


Gold Pendant of a Most Beautiful Woman Giving Birth.

Now then. if that doesn’t titillate your fancy I don’t know what
will. I suppose. when adhering to the correct order of things. first
things being first and all that. I should tell you who this gorgeous
creature is.

She is she with no name. She is the mother goddess of Hatal Huyuk.
She personifies mastery over all life… human and animal. She sits
upon what I can only imagine to be a birthing throne. flanked by two
felines. Though her representation when she was found was only a
scant eight inches high. she dominates with awesome imperiousness as
she gazes over her world readying to plop out yet another life.

She was created. as were most gods of those days. to help man in his
many quests. not the least of which was to farm his pastures and
promote bountiful crops.

I digress for an instant. Stretching the truth and braiding it to
enhance perception is not the act of deception. but rather the art of
transmuting visual acuity. making it… as it were. easy to transform
the Beast into Beauty. In her original form our goddess was made of
clay. But clay is not gold and clay is not jewelry. so I colorized it
and placed a loop and a bale upon it. and hooked into it a bit of rope
chain. So now she’s not a statuette. but rather a piece of jewelry.

As to her beauty. well… we all know this is in the eyes of the
beholder. and the slender svelte woman of today held no ground when
compared to the corpulent behemoths of yesteryear. Still. when
viewing the mother goddess of Hatal Huyuk. especially if one is
wearing rose colored glasses. one can not dispute for even a
micro-second the entrancing beauty of this goddess and the allure and
sexuality which emanated through the lovely flabby creases of her
voluminous expanse.

She’s a knockout ladies and gennulmen. She is the Marilyn Monroe of
yesteryear. She is the Bridget Bardot of her people. She is an
eternal beauty of no minor magnitude.

However. don’t take my word for it. Go take a look. You know where.
And let me know as soon as you can if I’m right. or if I’m right.
Your choice.

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And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch
you all next week. Benjamin Mark


Wow! Not only a very cool artifact, but A: She makes me feel muuuch
better about my body, and B: She’s already a “Crazy Cat Lady.” -Jo


Go to Wikipedia and read the entry on Catal Huyuk. It makes clear
that no one really knows what symbolism is involved here. Ian Hodder,
the present excavator of this fascinating Turkish site, disagrees
with James Mellaart’s (the original excavator) interpretation.

Judy Bjorkman