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[Tidbits] Mirror-Cuts

Luddites of the world. disperse! Today we speak of a rare cut of
diamond. infrequently mentioned within the varied tomes of diamond
lore. Though rare. there were a few historic mirror-cuts that made
names for themselves. There was the Mirror of France and there was
the Mirror of Portugal. And there was the Mirror on the wall
exclusively available for the sole use of the evil Queen and then
there was and is the Mirror in my Bedroom. This latter mirror is
probably of no consequence to most. but for me it tends to reveal in
its reflections some of the most extreme machinations that lie behind
the eyes of its reflective image. Who knew?

And then once upon a time and into the present in the city of
Dresden, Germany there existed and still exists the Grunes Gewolbe
(The Green Vault) museum. which contains one of the riches treasure
chambers in Europe. And in that museum there resides a brooch of a
knight in armor. Oh what a sight he is. The metal from which he’s
made is unimportant. But the diamonds. aah… those are gems of
another order. Mirror gems I believe. Mirror-cut diamond gems in

But I digress. Digression and segueing are arts I have mastered and
which I do with great aplomb. So. let us proceed forthwith to my
digression. When I say the diamonds are mirror-cut diamonds. it’s a
semi-guess. They may be table-cut diamonds. My source. whose authors
lack the intricate minds for details with which I was born. could not
be bothered to elucidate. Still. when I take in the location of the
image and the look of the stones. I will stick with mirror-cuts.
Those who disagree with me are more than welcome to draw their swords
and do battle with me on the fecund fields of inanity.

In defense of the above. the mirror-cut is little more than a variety
of the full-bodied and thick table-cut. One. one could say. is a
sliver of the other. It has, perhaps, a little more spread than the
table-cut. Other than that there’s little difference. I could take
pages delving more intricately into the differences between the two.
but I think the pages would be laden with redundancy. so why bother.

So to the knight then. shall we? He was created by an unknown jeweler
in the image of Saint Michael. His sword is drawn and held high above
his head. clearly ready to strike down with mighty force those who
would disagree with this author. (Anybody out there remember Pulp
Fiction?) He will clearly be my second on those fecund fields. He is
a striking figure. clearly deserving of the mirror-cut diamonds which
adorn his armor.

One last word if I may. Beware ye who opt to battle with me in
disagreement on this issue of Tidbits. Remember my Second. Take a
good look. And decide.

So. you all know what’s coming. The visit to the image. also known as
the viewing experience. You know where to go. Home page. Scroll down. Left side. Tidbits. Click.
And see St. Michael in Mirror-cut diamonds.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week. Benjamin Mark